Water restrictions from 18 Sep 2018 - Water restrictions apply to all Council water supply schemes:
Medium level (200 litres/person/day) - Cambooya, Cecil Plains, Clifton, Greenmount, Hodson Vale, Pittsworth, Vale View & Yarraman schemes.
Continuation of permanent conservation measures (200 litres/person/day) - Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply Scheme (Oakey, Jondaryan, Haden, Crows Nest, Highfields, Kingsthorpe, Gowrie Junction, Meringandan, Toowoomba City, Westbrook and Goombungee)

Council policies

The policies published on this site are our current approved policies of Toowoomba Region. All policies are regularly reviewed and updated. During our transition period, council policies are being established for the new region. Policies of the previous shire councils still operate in the service centre districts until we adopt a policy on the same matter. Our policies supersede the policies of the previous councils. Please contact your local service centre to confirm the status of any previous council policies.

Road crew measuring height of curbing
Council encourages public participation in the development of its laws, policies, plans and general decision-making process. There is a number of ways members of the public can have their views on particular issues brought to the attention of a committee or council meeting. These are by: Written requests - a member of the public can write to the council about any council policy, activity or service. Petitions - written petitions can be addressed ...

Policy documents

1.01 Strategic Policy
2.01 Policy Framework
2.02 Rate Exemption for Community Organisations Policy
2.03 Water Infrastructure Policy
2.04 Waste Water Infrastructure Policy
2.05 Environmental Health Services Refund Policy
2.06 Naming/Renaming of Council Assets Policy
2.07 Guidelines for Councillors receiving customer requests or complaints
2.08 Committee Chairperson and Portfolio Leader guidelines
2.09 Guidelines for Requests by Councillors for Advice or Information
2.10 Property Tenure Policy
2.11 Community Support Grant Program Guidelines
2.12 Environment Grant Guidelines
2.13 Event Support Grant Program Guidelines
2.14 Sport and Recreation Grant Program Guidelines
2.15 Cultural & Arts Support Grant Program Guidelines
2.16 Arts & Cultural Development Policy
2.17 Lobbyist Policy
2.18 Giving Gifts, Prizes and Awards Policy
2.19 Symbols of the Toowoomba Regional Council Policy
2.20 Guidelines for the conduct of informal briefing sessions by local government
2.21 Road Network Extensions & Upgrades Policy
2.22 External Works Policy
2.23 Election Signs Policy
2.24 Caretaker Period Protocol
2.25 Minor External Works Policy
2.26 Rates & Charges Collection Policy
2.27 Use, Handling and Disposal of Confidential Information
2.28 Water Charges Remission Policy
2.29 Granting of Credit Policy
2.30 Pensioner Rate Remission Policy
2.31 Procurement Policy
2.32 Temporary Economic Development Incentives for District Townships Policy
2.33 Corruption & Fraud Control Policy
2.34 Waste Collection Services
2.35 Media Policy
2.36 Delegations Register Policy
2.37 Community Economic Development Grant Program Guidelines
2.38 Repair &/or Replacement of Heritage Kerbing &/or Channelling Policy
2.39 Water Charges Remission (Home Haemodialysis) Policy
2.40 Pressure Sewerage Policy
2.41 CBD Heritage Incentives Policy
2.42 Gates and Grids Policy
2.43 Roadside Agistment Policy
2.44 Discounting or Waiver of Council Development Application Fees
2.45 Sports Tourism Event Grant Program Guidelines
2.46 Public Art Policy
2.47 Memorials & Plaques
2.48 Rural & Urban Addressing
2.49 Deferred Payment of Infrastructure Charges Policy
2.50 Temporary Toowoomba CBD Development Incentives Policy
2.51 Non-Current Asset Policy
2.52 Complaint Policy and Management Framework
2.53 Expenses Reimbursement (Councillors)
2.54 Trade Waste Policy
2.55 Advertising Spending Policy
2.56 Entertainment & Hospitality Policy
2.57 Revenue Policy 2018/19
2.58 Community Engagement Policy Statutory Policy
2.59 Community Grants Policy
2.60 Debt Policy 2018/2019
2.61 Investment Policy
2.62 Access and Equity Policy
2.63 Related Party Disclosures Policy
2.64 Social Media Policy
2.66 International Relations Policy
2.67 Exemption Certificates Policy
2.68 Street and Park Tree Policy
2.69 ICT Policy
2.70 Corporate Performance Management Policy
4.07 Firearms Manual
4.07 Firearms Policy
4.22 Sundry Debt Collection Policy
5.08 Complaint Management - Public Interest Disclosure
Infrastructure Services Group Integrated Management System Policy Statement
Toowoomba Regional Council WHS Policy Statement 2017-2018
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