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The Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee provides the community with a link to Council regarding aerodrome issues and provides Council with guidance and assistance on the functions and responsibilities listed below.


The primary functions of the Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee are to:

  • represent the interests of aircraft operators and aerodrome businesses to Council and the broader community.
  • provide input to Council on aircraft operator and business owner development issues and Council projects for the Toowoomba City Aerodrome.
  • provide perspective into Council's continuous improvement processes concerning Toowoomba City Aerodrome matters.
  • assist Council in the identification of emerging issues and trends relative to the needs of aviation in the region.
  • provide assistance and/or advice with specific projects (identified by Council and/or the advisory committee).
  • assist Council in disseminating appropriate material to facilitate community dialogue in regard to aviation and Toowoomba City Aerodrome matters.

Committee goals for 2017

  • Review of the current Toowoomba City Aerodrome Master Plan.
  • Drafting of master plans for Pittsworth and Millmerran Aerodromes.
  • Cost/benefit analyses of various development opportunities at the Toowoomba aerodrome.
  • Develop a strategic asset management plan.

Current committee members

  • Cr James O’Shea - Toowoomba Regional Council Councillor & Chair
  • Cr Carol Taylor - Toowoomba Regional Council Councillor                
  • Marty Taylor - Austrek Aviation
  • Paul Coughran - Approved aircraft maintenance
  • Tim Berry - Mansell Transport
  • Shaun Gillott - Lifeflight
  • Andrew Walker - Private pilot
  • Matt Handley - Aerotec

Assisting are:

  • Mike Brady - Toowoomba Regional Council employee
  • Rod Betts - Toowoomba Regional Council employee
  • Barry Wicks - Toowoomba Regional Council employee
  • Liz Stokes - Toowoomba Regional Council employee

Membership regulations

The Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee will consist of up to eight members, which must include a minimum of one Councillor, appointed by a resolution of Council.  Where any Councillor cannot attend a meeting of the advisory committee, another Councillor delegated by the first Councillor may act as a member of the Advisory Committee for that meeting. The remainder of the Committee will be appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with Council's appointed representative, after offers of interest are called in the manner described below.

  • Appointment to the Advisory Committee will be made on the term of the current elected Council basis.
  • Expressions of interest for new advisory committee members will be advertised regionally (via papers, internet and local networks).
  • Replacement of resigned members during the year shall be at the discretion of the advisory committee and authorised by Council.
  • Council will provide appropriate support and resourcing to the advisory committee.
  • The Chief Executive Officer may nominate relevant staff to assist the Advisory Committee, however, staff will not be members of the Advisory Committee or have voting entitlements.

All members of the Advisory Committee may vote on business before the committee, except where the member has a conflict of interest.

If any member of the advisory committee is absent from three consecutive meetings without having obtained leave of absence from the committee, the member’s continued membership on the advisory committee will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer for determination.

The advisory committee has the authority to establish special interest sub-groups and working groups as required addressing specific matters identified by the advisory committee. These sub-groups (established under the same terms and conditions as the advisory committee) must report back to the advisory committee.

The terms of reference and operation of the advisory committee will be reviewed on an annual basis with the aim of ensuring its ongoing relevance and sustainability.


The Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee is constituted under Section 264 and 265 of the Local Government Regulations 2012, which empowers the Toowoomba Regional Council to appoint advisory committees.

Tenure of committee and membership

The Toowoomba Aerodrome Advisory Committee shall be established for the period of the term of the current elected Council, unless disbanded earlier by Council resolution.