Engineer working outside

We are committed to providing entry-level opportunities and accelerated career progression pathways.  We offer a range of undergraduate scholarships, internships cadetships and graduate programs – collectively known as the ‘Generator Program’.

Positions exist for:

  • Scholarship internships – awarded ‘on-merit’ to students to undertake their studies locally at the University of Southern Queensland.  We offer an annual scholarship to a full-time student, who will work casually with us to gain industry experience
  • Internships – enrolled full-time at university, working casually with us
  • Cadetships – enrolled part-time at university, working temporary full-time with us, with study costs funded by us
  • Graduates – an entry level program for a university graduate, with generalist and professional pathways to suit degrees relevant to us.  The program offers on-the-job learning, formal training, rotations and specialist events as well as support to post-graduate qualifications and accreditations.

The application process

We post openings on our current vacancies website as soon as they become available.  All you need to do is apply to the position that suits you.