Council’s Childhood and Community Immunisation service to be discontinued

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) today decided to discontinue the Childhood and Community Immunisation service from July 1 this year.

TRC Environmental Health portfolio leader Cr Joe Ramia said normal services would continue until June 30 at the clinic at 12 Little Street.

Cr Ramia said Council would continue to play an active role in encouraging and promoting the benefits of immunisations to the wider community.

Cr Ramia said Council was extremely confident that the region’s existing health services would continue to provide appropriate and sufficient immunisation services.

“As part of our general public health promotion, Council’s website will feature detailed information about preventable diseases and the vaccinations that are available to safeguard the community,” Cr Ramia said.

“Council’s immunisation service is limited to vaccinations to children under seven as recommended by the national immunisation schedule and flu shots for people over 65.

“The average number of presentations to the clinic has fallen to around 10 people per month in recent times.

“There are many alternate providers who do, can and will continue to provide immunisation services. This also includes providers who will and do bulk bill patients.

“Toowoomba is fortunate to be served by first rate health care providers who are more than capable of administering these services.

“Evolving vaccine development and technologies in the immunisation industry are best served by dedicated health care practices and professionals.

“Council’s past service met the community circumstances of the time and helped to maintain high community immunisation rates.

“The wide range of services and service providers available to the public today, coupled with the ongoing low attendance at Council’s clinic meant it was reasonable for Council to end its involvement in this service provision.

“Council is confident the Toowoomba community has ready access to comprehensive immunisation services.”

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