Upgrade to Bus Terminal Parking Station allows change

Neil Street Bus Terminal Carpark

The pay station at the Toowoomba Bus Terminal carpark on Neil Street will now provide change if you don’t have the correct amount, according to Portfolio Leader for Infrastructure Cr James O’Shea. 

“An upgrade to the service at the carpark will now give more payment options delivering change for your coin or note based payments”, Cr O’Shea said.

 “However, the pay station will not act as a note exchange machine. The machine will only give change in coins, 

“This will mean that if you were to use a $20 note and your parking costs are $8 you will receive $12 dollars in one /two dollar coins.”

“This upgrade will not affect the credit card payment option.”

“The new system for the pay station comes into effect from this Thursday 11 January, 2018. 

 “The original automatic system was installed in 2016 to deliver more effective system for customers. This is an upgrade to that system.”

“The Toowoomba Bus Terminal has capacity for 310 parks include 4 disability parking spaces and 4 motorcycle parking spots.”

“The current fees for parking at the Toowoomba Bus terminal are:

  • 6am - 6pm Monday to Saturday - $2.20 per hour to a maximum of $8 per day.

  • 6pm - 6am Monday to Saturday - $2.20 per hour to a maximum of $3 per evening.”

“If you have any technical difficulties with the operation of the machine, please contact the support number provided on site, 131 872.

“Council officers will also be on hand to provide assistance for the first few days after the upgrade of the new system.” 

Cr O’Shea said “This upgrade is a great example of the Council looking at improvements to provide better services to our customers.”

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