Sister City Takatsuki donates Taiko drums to Toowoomba

Taiko Drumming Toowoomba

Toowoomba’s Japanese Sister City, Takatsuki, has raised more than $5,000 (around 500,000 yen) to purchase eight Taiko drums to donate to the Toowoomba Taiko Group.

The drums will be collected by a small delegation from Toowoomba Region for a public demonstration next week.

Toowoomba Regional Council Planning and Development Committee chair Cr Chris Tait, who will be accompanying the delegation, said this was a very generous donation to our community by the residents of Takatsuki.

“The gesture shows the importance that the people of Takatsuki place on the relationship with the Toowoomba Region,” Cr Tait said.

“The ‘Donate Taiko to Toowoomba’ committee was formed by the community of Takatsuki with support from the Council, to purchase the drums.

“The Takatsuki community has really backed this campaign to provide for a need in our region.

“As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Sister City relationship the Takatsuki Daiko Drum Group visited Toowoomba to share their love of Taiko drumming with our community. 

“Following the visit a Toowoomba Taiko Group was formed and has been learning the Taiko drumming techniques through videos provided by the Takatsuki Daiko Drum Group,

“The Toowoomba Taiko Group did not have access to actual Taiko drums and instead practised on large pots taped with packing tape.

“Takatsuki put a call out to their community for donations for the purchase of Taiko drums as a gift to the Toowoomba community and the drums were purchased.

“While Toowoomba Regional Council will be the custodians of the drums, they will be made available for use by the Toowoomba Taiko Group. 

“The Toowoomba Taiko Group will benefit greatly from having access to high quality drums for their use.”

Cr Tait and a small delegation of Toowoomba business people and the Toowoomba Taiko Group will be travelling to Takatsuki to receive the drums on behalf of the Toowoomba Region.

Local business owner Jeff Brady will join the delegation to investigate pre-packaged products and local recipes from Takatsuki for his Kajoku Restaurant.

Cr Tait said the purpose of the Sister City program was to enhance cultural exchanges between the cities and to foster strong business opportunities.

“The Sister City relationship with Takatsuki is now in its 26th year and the tremendous generosity of the people of this wonderful city displays the strength of the ties that bind our two communities,” Cr Tait said.

Toowoomba Taiko is a group of Japanese expatriates and enthusiasts who meet to learn the discipline of Taiko drumming.  The Toowoomba Taiko Group is part of the USQ Martial Arts Club and currently meets weekly.

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