TRC starting smoke testing of city sewer networks

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) this week starts a smoke testing program to inspect the sewer system at two locations in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) this week is starting a smoke testing program to inspect the sewer system at two locations in Toowoomba.

TRC Water and Waste portfolio leader Cr Bill Cahill said residents would be notified about the exact starting date of the testing at their address.

The three-month program, running from April 16 to July 15, will cover two areas:

1 – south east section of city – area bounded by South, Geddes and Hogan Streets, Lotus Crescent, Nell E. Robinson Park and West Creek, and

2 – A section of Glenvale – area bounded by Boundary, Hampton and South Streets and Glenvale Road.

Cr Cahill said Council regularly conducted these inspections in an effort to reduce stormwater intrusion or infiltration to Council’s sewerage networks via damaged sewer components and/or illegal connections.

This work includes:

• Smoke testing of sewer pipes and house drains,
• Inspection of house drain connections and manholes, and
• CCTV inspection of sewer pipes

Cr Cahill said the inspections were performed to identify where faulty pipes, manholes, house drains, fittings or illegal connections were contributing to sewer overloads and discharges.

“A program of rectification works resulting from these inspections (if required) will reduce the incidence of sewer surcharges in the inspection area,” Cr Cahill said.

“Smoke testing is planned as part of an annual program of maintenance works covering selected areas of the Toowoomba City sewerage network.

“This helps identify areas subject to high levels of stormwater intrusion or infiltration to the sewerage network.

“Stormwater intrusion can result in sewer overflows, overloading at the Wetalla Water Reclamation Facility and pumping inefficiencies due to high sewerage pump run times.

“Anyone who is purchasing a property, even a new home, needs to ensure they do their due diligence covering the building report to ensure all stormwater and plumbing fixtures comply with required standards. This also guards against any unnecessary expense for the new property owner, should illegal or incorrect work not be detected before a contract is finalised.

“Residents have been sent an information pamphlet detailing the smoke testing procedure.

“TRC officers will be in and around the testing areas and will be available to speak with residents about any concerns.”

Cr Cahill said Council also had notified the Fire Service about the testing program as a courtesy.

Council regrets any inconvenience caused during the testing. Residents seeking more information can contact Council on 131 872.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 17 April 2018 16:06
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