Queensland State Rose Garden blooms on world stage

Queensland State Rose Garden Award

The Queensland State Rose Garden (QSRG) in Newtown Park, Toowoomba is to be honoured at a special ceremony with the International Garden of Excellence Award by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS). The award will be marked with the unveiling of an Italian made official plaque on Monday October 8th at 10.30am.

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Portfolio Leader Environment and Community Cr Joe Ramia said Toowoomba’s premier rose garden received the excellence award at the WFRS conference in Denmark following a gruelling selection process to represent Australia.

“Being presented with this Garden of Excellence Award is a proud moment for the Queensland State Rose Garden and Toowoomba.

“These awards are recognised as the world’s most prestigious for rose gardens so to be given the prize for excellence is nothing short of amazing and again promotes our standing as the Garden City of Australia,” Cr Ramia said.

“To enter the awards we were required to submit a video entry and it clearly impressed the judges as it was the only one to be played at the official ceremony.

“In announcing the award, the judges acknowledged the Toowoomba Region’s efforts in displaying and keeping roses to a high standard.

‘WFRS represents the national rose society of 40 countries. Members are visiting Australia at the moment attending a conference and over 70 rosarians are delighted they will be able to visit our National Treasure Rose Garden at the plaque unveiling ceremony.

‘Since the World Federation of Rose Society Awards began in 1995 the only other awards to be presented in Australia were to the Mornington Botanical Rose Garden in 2015 and the Victoria State Rose Garden in 2003. 

‘The inception of the Rose Garden started through the vision of three local businessmen, John Orford, Peter Eldridge and Ray Poulton who submitted a proposal to Council seeking approval to have a section of Newtown Park transformed into an “International Standard Rose Garden.

‘With careful planning the proposed rose garden would display rose blooms nine months every year for all to enjoy allowing this unique, historical 30 acre park to continue as ‘A ‘Breathing Space for the People’.

Cr Ramia said the Rose Garden, which opened in 2001, has grown to become another blooming marvelous tourist attraction for local, national and international visitors.

“The success of the Rose Garden is one of the reasons Toowoomba receives universal recognition as the ‘Garden City’.

‘With over 2,200 varieties of roses planted including ‘Heritage’ roses and the world’s largest collection of ‘Reithmuller’ roses, being one of only two gardens nationwide to trial the new ‘Australian’ roses, the QSRG is a must for locals and tourists to visit and admire and entry is free.    

Queensland State Rose Garden President Regina Albion said volunteers, business houses, members of the community, council, staff and gardeners need to be acknowledged and thanked for their financial and in-kind support.

 “The community’s effort has ensured our Rose Garden continues to be showcased on the national and world stage.

“The life of Roses is like the life of people, they have a history. All roses planted are documented and their history can be shared with visitors both now and far into the future.

Their history will stand the length of time,” Mrs Albion said. 

For more information about the Queensland State Rose Garden, visit www.tr.qld.gov.au or call 131 872. 

Caption:  Paul Hains, Vice President - Australasia, World Federation of Rose Societies, Jamie Jensen, Team Leader - Horticulture (Public Gardens North), Lorraine Schiller, Secretary, Friends of the Queensland State Rose Garden, Cr Geoff McDonald, Toowoomba Regional Council

Last Updated: Friday, 28 September 2018 12:45
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