Get Water Wise with your free Council Shower Timer

Council Water Timer

Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) are helping residents be more water wise by giving away free shower timers at each of Council’s Customer Service Centres.

TRC Portfolio Leader for Water and Waste Committee, Cr Bill Cahill said one of the easiest ways to save water around the home is by taking shorter showers.

“If you don’t time your shower by your favourite tune, then a shower timer is the perfect way to save water and help you get ready just that little bit quicker.

“It is estimated that 40% of water usage in the home comes from our time spent in the shower. If we cut down our showers, we can save time, save water and save money, Cr Cahill said.

“Despite the recent rain, we need the community’s help to reduce water consumption as the ongoing drought impacts us all.  The more water we can save the better.


“Residents can go to any one of TRC’s Customer Service Centres throughout the Region to pick up a free shower timer.

“Other ways residents can be water wise include:

  • checking for water leaks
  • swap your normal showerhead which uses 17 litres per minute, for a water efficient shower head that only uses around nine litres per minute
  • turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  • only fill the bath to the level that is required
  • plug the sink when washing dishes by hand, rather than washing under a running tap.

“Since 2011 we appreciate that our Toowoomba Region residents have had an ongoing commitment to the permanent conservation levels of 200 litres per person per day.

“The average daily demand across the Toowoomba Bulk Water Network is 36.7 megalitres per day from our bores and dams. With a combined dam level of about 43 per cent, it is imperative we save water wherever possible.

TRC Chair of the Water and Waste Committee, Cr Nancy Sommerfield said Toowoomba Region residents have demonstrated their ability to use water responsibly in the past.

“This is the driest year for our region since 1901 and saving water takes the pressure off our dams and acquifers.”

“Toowoomba Regional Council will consider using bulk water from Wivenhoe Dam when water levels reach 40 per cent in Cressbrook Dam and with recent rain this currently sits at 46 per cent.

“With the current depletion rate we anticipate we may choose to access Wivenhoe Dam supply around early 2019.  This takes into consideration a number of different scenarios on future rainfall levels and potential usage.

“With the Millennium drought in our recent memory it is important that we use water responsibly because every drop counts.”

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Last Updated: Friday, 09 November 2018 09:13
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