Cr Tim McMahon with new library APP on phone

In a world-first, Toowoomba Regional Library will be adding a self-issuing function to the SOLUS supplied MyTRlibrary APP.

Developed in collaboration with SOLUS, a leading Library technology company, the new feature allows customers to borrow resources using their phone or mobile device. The new function avoids the need to queue at self-check kiosks or service desks and allowing a smoother customer experience.

TRC Environment and Community Services Portfolio Leader, Cr Tim McMahon said it was exciting to offer Toowoomba Region customers this contactless library self-service.

“Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, to be able to offer a hygienic checkout system that minimises contact between individuals is momentous,” Cr McMahon said.

“Library members will be able to quickly check out resources by tapping the item with a smartphone with no need to use other library hardware.

“The new self-checkout function adds extra value to the MyTRlibrary APP that was launched in November 2019 as a one-stop-shop for library services.

“With more than a million items loaned from our libraries, including 105,000 digital items, the new feature allows a more streamlined checkout process to customers all the resources of the library.

“The mobile APP has extensive integration with the Library Management System, which delivers the best user experience for library members.

“Library Members can log-in to their account and other linked accounts (such as their children’s or elder-care accounts) with full visibility over their loans and reservations.

“They can extend loans, add or cancel reservations remotely via the APP on their smartphone and even arrange a click and collect pick up at their local library.

“Our library cardholders will be able to access the APP on iOS and Android operating systems and can be accessed for free through the Apple I-Store and Google Play.

Cr McMahon said the Toowoomba Region Libraries developed the new feature with the support of SOLUS, a global leader in delivering affordable mobile apps to libraries.

“SOLUS products are used and deployed in over 200 local government’s through Australia and New Zealand,” Cr McMahon said.

“The new feature is yet another step in improving the wonderful customer service that our Toowoomba Region Libraries already provide.”

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