Adoption of Amendment No.11 to the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme (major amendment)

Sustainable Planning Act 2009

Chapter 3 Part 5

Adoption of Amendment No.11 to the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme (major amendment)

Notice is hereby given that on 17 April 2018 the Toowoomba Regional Council adopted the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme – Amendment No. 11 (Major amendment).

The amendment commences on 27 April 2018.

The purpose and general effect of the planning scheme amendment is to undertake multiple amendments to the following sections of the planning scheme:

  • Amendment of Part 5 to:
    • allow greater flexibility in site planning and configuration of lots within the Intermodal Facility Precinct;
    • include a new Markets Code and changes to the level of assessment for markets in specific locations around the region;
    • provide greater clarity to assessment of development within Neighbourhood Character Areas; and
    • the levels of assessment for various overlays (including Bushfire Hazard, Flood Hazard, Extractive Resources and Landslide Hazard) and their application to all development.
  • Amendment of Part 6 to:
    • several zone codes which rectify an error regarding area sizes of balconies;
    • amend what is considered a consistent/inconsistent uses within the following zones (Local Centre, High Impact Industry and Rural Zone Code);
    • ensure that development within neighbourhood character areas in the Mixed Use Zone is consistent with the requirements of the Neighbourhood Character Overlay Code; and
    • remove ‘shrubbery planted against walls’ term various zone codes.
  • Amendment of Part 7 to:
    • Change RAL requirements in the Charlton Wellcamp Enterprise Area Local Plan Code.
  • Amendment of Part 8 to:
    • the Airport Environs Overlay Code to reflect new state data and better clarify existing code provisions
    • reflect change of council position regarding the use of private hydrants in reticulated water areas & consistency with QFES standards; and
    • development requirements within the Neighbourhood Character Overlay is sympathetic to the existing character of the area.
  • Amendment of Part 9 to:
    • Home based business code where relating to appropriate vehicles; related provisions in part 6 around ‘shrubbery planted against walls’ term within various zone codes;
    • make the assessment process for ‘market’ uses easier in the Toowoomba CBD and Regional/District Parks;
    • the Advertising Devices Code to include more detailed assessment criteria and information;
    • incorporate Council’s updated Technical Guidelines for Waste Storage and Collection Requirements for New Developments; and
    • the Reconfiguring a Lot Code to address various issues, including clarification of council’s position and policy direction in regards to lot fragmentation and private fire hydrants.
  • Amendment to Schedule 1 to:
    • the index of administrative definitions is required to ensure that appropriate area designations are used for various zones; and
  • Amendment to Schedule 2 to:
    • amend the zoning of some properties in Toowoomba City, Rangeville, Highfields, Kulpi, Newtown and Felton;
    • remove properties from the Neighbourhood Character Overlay in Toowoomba City and East Toowoomba; and
    • update Airport Environs and Environmental Significance Overlay to reflect current data.

A copy of the amendment, together with an Explanatory Statement summarising the changes, is available for viewing on the Toowoomba Regional Council website, and for inspection and purchase at Council’s customer service centres.

Brian Pidgeon – Chief Executive Officer

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