Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Website Notice (No. 2) 2018

Local Government Act 2009

Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Website Notice (No. 2) 2018


  1. This notice may be cited as Toowoomba Regional Council (Making of Local Law) Website Notice (No.2) 2018.

Making of local law

  1. Toowoomba Regional Council (the “Council”) has, by resolution dated 21 June 2018, made Local Law No. 7 (Waste Management) 2018 (the “local law”).

Purpose and general effect

  1. The purpose and general effect of the local law is to protect the public health, safety and amenity related to waste management by—

            (a) regulating the storage, servicing and removal of waste; and

            (b) regulating the disposal of waste at waste facilities; and

            (c) ensuring that an act or omission does not result in—

                 (i) harm to human health or safety or personal injury; or

                 (ii) property damage or loss of amenity; or

                 (iii) environmental harm or environmental nuisance.

Interim local law

  1. The local law—

            (a) is an interim local law; and

            (b) expires 6 months after the date of commencement of the local law.

Anti-competitive provision

  1. The local law contains anti-competitive provisions.


  1. A copy of Local Law No. 7 (Waste Management) 2018 -

(a) is available to read here Local Law No 7 (Waste Management) 2018 and may be inspected and purchased at Council’s public offices located at:-

  • 4 Little Street, Toowoomba
  • 95 King Street, Clifton
  • 25 Emu Creek Road, Crows Nest
  • 89 Mocatta Street, Goombungee
  • 54 Hodgson Street, Greenmount
  • O’Brien Road, Highfields
  • 2-16 Campbell Street, Millmerran
  • 64 Campbell Street, Oakey
  • 85 Yandilla Street, Pittsworth: and
  • (b) can be viewed by the public on the website of the Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs.

Brian Pidgeon, Chief Executive Officer

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