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For more information on how to do business with council, procurement, purchasing terms and conditions and supplying to council, please visit: Doing business with us.

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  Each year we award a large number of tenders for important projects in the region. The electronic LG Tenderbox website provides information on our current tenders, as well as information about awarded contracts and quotes.  Please note that LG Tenderbox is not a Council website. It is a site where many local governments share their tenders. View current tenders in LG Tenderbox here. Read our tips for submitting a tender here.        TR-0436 P ...
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  All contracts awarded for the past year are listed below, divided by month. + - Contracts awarded for May 2018 Click to collapse PT10-17/18 The Highfields Sport and Recreation Park Stage 2 - Clubhouse Construction Works Individuals/entity Newlands Civil Construction Estimated value $2,943,984.69 WT22-17/18 Wirraglen and Lorrimer Street Sewerage Project Individuals/entity Newlands Civil Construction Pty Ltd Estimated value $4,503,168.52 TR-0415 ...
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