Outdoor gym videos

Outdoor gyms are a great way to get active while enjoying the great outdoors.  Check out an outdoor gym at a park near you:

  • Clifton Elsie Jones Park (2 Alden St)
  • Highfields Kratzke Oval (Lot 12 Kratzke Rd)
  • Oakey Arthur Shooter Memorial Scout Park (Stanley St)
  • Oakey Gordon Park (Lorrimer St)
  • Millmerran Back Creek Park (Lot 5 Gore Hwy)
  • Toowoomba Black Gully (Opp. cnr Holberton & Clearview Sts)
  • Toowoomba East Creek (Kitchener St, near the Visitor Information Centre)
  • Toowoomba Spring St (Cnr Kearney St)
  • Toowoomba West Creek Park & (Creedon Drive Park)
  • Toowoomba Wilsonton Heights Park (Tor St) 


Instructional Workout Videos

Look for the QR Code on the equipment at East Creek (Kitchener St) & Black Gully parks and scan with your smartphone to watch an instructional workout video (also available below):  

Black Gully gym - Aerobic walker


Black Gully Gym Bench Sit Ups


Black Gully Gym - Butterfly Press



Black Gully gym - Leg Press


Black Gully gym - Leg Raises


Black Gully Park gym - Modified push ups


Black Gully Park gym - Shoulder press



Black Gully Park gym - Step ups



Black Gully Park gym - Stretch station and pull up bar



Black Gully Park gym - Upright dips



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) Gym - Sit Ups


East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym - Cross trainer



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) gym Freer runner



East Creek Park (Kitchener St) chin-ups

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