Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 16:38
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Sponsorship is a great way for you and your organisation to work with us in a mutually beneficial way. Through our sponsorship program we provide funds or in-kind support for events, projects, services and other activities which contribute to the liveability of the region.

In return for sponsorship, there must be an identified commercial benefit for us and the community.

Benefits offered to the sponsored business or individual may include:


Sponsorship guidelines

Before applying for sponsorship please read the 2.71 Sponsorship Policy and ensure your activity aligns with our guidelines below.

Types of activities we will sponsor  

We sponsor activities that will:

Types of activities we won't sponsor

We will not sponsor activities that:


How to apply for sponsorship

Use the Sponsorship application form to apply for sponsorship from us.


Application process

Step 1 - Application assessment

Applications for sponsorship will be assessed against the principles outlined in the Sponsorship Policy. We reserve the right to consider applications on a case-by-case basis.

As priorities and aspirations change approval for sponsorship does not guarantee continuing or reoccurring sponsorship.

Step 2 - Notification process

Successful application - Once we decide to offer sponsorship we will enter into an agreement with the applicant. The agreement will outline the agreed benefits, payment terms and any performance or evaluation required of the applicant.

Unsuccessful application - Where we are unable to provide sponsorship, applicants will be notified by formal correspondence (letter or email).

Step 3 - sponsorship conclusion

Once the sponsorship activity has been concluded we will evaluate the effectiveness of the agreement in achieving the stated objectives. This will help us to review future sponsorship arrangements.


Other funding opportunities

We also offer community grants for programs and projects with a specific purpose and outcome. Read more about community grants here.