Event support grant program

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We recognise the important contribution community organisations make to the region’s social wellbeing and economic prosperity through a range of imaginative events that celebrate the region’s character and cultural diversity. We are keen to support local not for profit community groups that achieve these goals. Groups from outside the region may be eligible for assistance, provided that it can be demonstrated that there will be a direct benefit to Toowoomba Region.

Grant rounds open on February 1 and July 1, and close on March 1 and August 1 each year. Grant application guidelines and application help are available.

Our online statistical tool, which provides information on our region’s demographic and economic breakdown, may provide further information for the development of grant applications.


Event Types

Major Event – over 5,000 patrons with grants of $10,000 & over

  • large scale event
  • running longer than one day
  • potential to attract substantial visitation from outside the region
  • provide substantial economic and social benefit to the region
  • grant cannot be greater than 20% of event budget
  • assistance towards promotion, marketing & event development

Regional Event – between 1,000 to 5,000 patrons with grants from $5,000 to $10,000

  • potential to attract attendees from across the region and South-East Queensland
  • provide reasonable economic benefit and substantial social benefit to the region
  • grant cannot be greater than 20% of event budget
  • assistance towards promotion, marketing, event development & entertainment

 Community Event – up to 1,000 patrons with grants up to $1,500

  • being of interest to a local community or small segment of the region
  • assistance towards promotion, marketing, event development, entertainment & event infrastructure
  • encourage and support activity that captures the imagination and attention of the community
  • provide fun-filled exciting entertainment programs where entry is open to the public to attend free of charge or at a subsidised rate 

Assessment Criteria

Applicants (not for profit organisations) must demonstrate:

  • A genuine need for the project/activity
  • Linkage to the specific Corporate Plan objectives
  • Linkage to the specific aims and priorities of the selected event category
  • The benefit to the area of the Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Evidence of consultation and community partnerships
  • The capacity to successfully complete the project
  • A balanced, realistic and complete project budget
  • Evidence of inclusive participation
  • Level of funding contributed by the applicant and/or others towards the project

Other eligibility restrictions may apply to specific funding categories. Funding is limited and therefore, it is not possible to meet all requests.

Low priority is given to events that have received previous funding, except community events.

Educational institutions such as schools along with school P&Fs/P&Cs are not eligible for assistance.

If an applicant donates profits from an event to charity, we require the retention of profits, equal to the value of the grant, for the running of the next year’s event. If it is a one off event, then the grant must be re-payed before any profits from the event are distributed. Failure to meet these requirements will render an applicant ineligible for future funding. 

Multiple Year Funding

Where it can be demonstrated that particular funding for a major event will have direct results on growth and sustainability, an applicant can be listed to receive funding for multiple years, but no more than 3, subject to conditions.

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