Sport & Recreation Community Grants Program

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We provide funding and/or in-kind assistance to help not-for-profit and incorporated organisations to support new facilities and upgrades of facilities to benefit the community. Organisations may apply for a grant of up to 50% of the funding gap (total project cost less other grant sources), up to a maximum of $150,000. Grant rounds generally close on March 1 and August 1 each year. 

Funds are also available to help local sport and recreation clubs build new or upgraded facilities through the State Government's Sport and Recreation Funding Program. Organisations seeking financial assistance from us to support a State Government grant application must apply through our Sport and Recreation Community Grants Program.

How to apply

To apply for the Sport and Recreation Grant, please read the guidelines and complete the eligibility quiz and online application. Instructions on how to use the online application are included in the blue slider below and in the 'Grants - Sport and recreation grant program online application instructions PDF (see 'Related information'). Our online statistical tool (see 'Related information' below), which provides information on our region’s demographic and economic breakdown, may provide further information for the development of grant applications.

For more information, contact a Sport and Recreation Officer by phone on 131 872 or via email.

Stage 1: Eligibility quiz

Step 1: Click the link to access the TRC customer service portal:

Step 2: Select Lodge a service Request.

Step 3: Select Community Grant Eligibility option and click next.

Step 4: Select Community Grant Application- Online Eligibility. Click next.

Step 5: Enter your organisations details, ensuring all fields are completed, including criteria questions. When entering an email address, where possible use a generic/club specific address.

Step 6: In the section marked “Other”, select Sport and Recreation as the grant type and provide a brief summary of what your application is for. Click next.

Step 7: Enter in the password to be associated with any future TRC grant applications from your organisation. Be sure to record/file your password, which will be linked to the email address entered previously. Confirm all details are correct. Click next.

Step 8: Your request has now been submitted. You will receive a confirmation email providing a summary of your responses to the eligibility criteria. A 2nd email will confirm your registration as an online council customer. A council officer will review your eligibility status which may take up to 2 business days.

Step 9: You will receive an attachment that will include your username, password and details on how to proceed with your application.

Stage 2: Online registration

Step 10: Registering. Click on the ‘person’ icon under the link/s heading, add in the relevant information and click next, this will save your information, click next again. Enter in details inc bank details, primary contact etc click next, enter in further details then confirm you application. Read the terms and conditions in the scroll down section and click if you agree to the terms and conditions to proceed. You will then receive a confirmation to say your application has been successful and note the transaction reference for later if required.

Step 11: Log into the customer service portal via the link: Sign in and select Applications from the menu bar, then select New Application. Select the option Application to Register, then click next.

Stage 3: Grant application

Step 12: Go to the link in the above mentioned confirmation or alternatively click the 'Community grant application' icon on the Customer Service Portal.

Step 13: Select Sport and Recreation Grant, click next.

Step 14: Confirm your organisation’s details and click next.

Step 15: Read the Sport and Recreation Community Grant Program Guidelines then select the grant period from the drop down and click next.

Step 16: Fill out all information requested in the online form, clicking 'Next' to navigate from one page to the next.

Step 17: Your application has now been lodged and will be considered for funding. Please note your transaction reference for further enquiries. Please be aware you will receive a number of confirmation emails throughout this process which are just automated responses. Please just keep the email which has an attached pdf which includes your log in details. Please file these in a safe place. You will be contacted directly if we require further information relating to your application.

Step 18: To keep up to date with the status of your application log in to the portal via the link: Go to ‘Applications’ (left hand side), then ‘Application Enquiry’, select ‘all applications’, search. This will show your applications and status of where they are up to in the process.

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Application guidelines

Grants - Sport and recreation grant program online application instructions

Online statistical tool (providing information on the Toowoomba region's population and economic breakdown)

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