Flood resilience & detention basins

We are dedicated to flood proofing Toowoomba and have completed numerous projects to protect our city. Find out about these projects and the new levee bank regulations implemented since the floods of 2010/2011.

Man and dog sitting in park at Garnet Lehmann detention basin
We began to strategically plan flood mitigation and consult with the community in 1998 when the Gowrie Creek Catchment Management Strategy was first developed. In 2007 the updated Gowrie Creek Flood Risk and Mapping Study was created. The tragic events of 2011 again saw the need to review and update previous studies.  The East Creek Masterplan (ECMP) was prepared which identified a range of flood mitigation options including detention basins, culvert and/or road crossing ...
Levee bank with cattle
The Queensland Government is implementing a statewide regulatory framework to manage the construction or modification of levee banks following the recommendations of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry which was established following the floods of 2010/2011. This regulatory framework will ensure levee bank design and construction addresses potential impacts on neighbouring properties, the community and the catchment as a whole.  ...
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