BUSHFIRE UPDATES: Refer to the QFES Facebook or Twitter for up to date alerts and information. Outages and other emergency information (such as evacuation centres) will also be published on our disaster dashboard when required.

WATER CONSERVATION: Water operations at Cressbrook Dam are back online following days of emergency works from Ergon Energy and our staff. However, while systems come back up to full operational speed we're urging everyone on the Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply to continue conserving water. Read more here.

DONATIONS: Donations towards townships affected by the fires can be made via Givit.




Looking after our creeks

Our choices at home and work can affect the health of our creeks.  Learn about our major waterways and ways to control sediment and reduce salt.

Man and son feeding ducks at creek
Toowoomba City sits in two catchments, made up of the: Eastern (flowing into south east Queensland) Western (flowing into the Condamine catchment in the Murray Darling Basin) The waterways in the eastern catchment include various creeks along the length of the eastern escarpment ...
Large dam
The harmful effects of a high salinity content in Toowoomba’s wastewater means a threat to the health and productivity of our catchments, as well as a danger to our valuable rural industry. It can also affect our urban development and ...
Some of the effects of rainfall from storms and stormwater carrying sediment are: an increase in amount and speed of water – affecting hydrology, erosion and flooding. the change in quality of water – potential pollutant export and movement and deposition of sediments. ...
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