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We are proud of our tree lined streets and picturesque yards and have created a Street Tree Masterplan to reflect the importance of protecting our iconic streetscape. Learn more about looking after our streetscape and how to choose an appropriate tree or plant for your area.

Children planting a tree in Yarraman
Free plant voucher in rates notice Each year, we provide residents with a plant voucher to collect two free plants for their private garden, or to donate it to a community group for their use. The double-side voucher lists collection points and their opening times and is mailed out with the rate notices to every residential/rural address in the Toowoomba Region.  Due to a large number of properties in our region, we distribute ...
Seat under bottle tree
Trees and plants play a key role in creating healthier individuals and communities. They yield a host of benefits such as: improving air quality - flourishing urban forests convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen and help filter daily pollution. minimising the effects of soil erosion - by acting as ecological windbreaks and sieves, via their foliage and subterranean root systems. Urban forests help retain topsoil and protect waterways from silt and other ...
Our region is celebrated for the beautiful trees that line neighbourhood streets, fill our parks and feature in private gardens, providing shade and changing colours throughout the year. Naturally, the protection of this beautiful environment with its unique streetscapes is extremely important to us.  Consequently, we have developed the Street and Park Tree Policy, and the Toowoomba Region Street Masterplan, to guide the management of our tree population and to ensure the vi ...
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