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Trees and plants play a key role in creating healthier individuals and communities. They yield a host of benefits such as:

Trees and plants are highly valued in the Toowoomba Region as evidenced by our expansive and flourishing urban forest.

Choosing suitable foliage to plant near powerlines

Following is a list of plants of various heights that are suitable for planting under and/or near powerlines.

Native plants up to 2 m in height

Native plants up to 3 m in height

Native plants up to 4 m in height

Choosing where to plant

How to plant a tree so that it thrives

Toowoomba's Best Trees booklet

Local tree expert and author Dr John Swarbrick collaborated with us in 2014 to produce 'Toowoomba's best trees' - an engaging, full colour publication celebrating a selection of the city's iconic trees. All of the trees mentioned within its pages are registered on the National Trust of Queensland's register of significant trees.

Copies of 'Toowoomba's' best trees are available for $5 each at Toowoomba Information Centre, 86 James Street and Toowoomba Regional Library, 155 Herries Street.

Here's an excerpt from the book.


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