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Our region is celebrated for the beautiful trees that line neighbourhood streets, fill our parks and feature in private gardens, providing shade and changing colours throughout the year. Naturally, the protection of this beautiful environment with its unique streetscapes is extremely important to us. 

Consequently, we have developed the Street and Park Tree Policy, and the Toowoomba Region Street Masterplan, to guide the management of our tree population and to ensure the viability of our urban forest ecosystem. The policy provides overarching objectives for our tree management with the aim to increase the plantings of more diverse, climate resilient tree species to create a healthier and cooler landscape.


Street and Park Tree Policy

The Street and Park Tree Policy outlines our approach to the protection, retention and management of Council controlled trees.

Its objectives are to:

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Street Tree Masterplan

Toowoomba's Street Tree Masterplan has received industry accolades for its vision to protect and enhance the diverse streetscape character of the region. Named joint winner of the 2012 Parks and Leisure Australia National Awards in the Sustainable Initiatives category, the Street Tree Masterplan's key objectives are to:

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Street Tree Masterplan


Tree planting

A thriving urban forest is important to a community's overall health and the well-being of its members. Because of this, we undertake an active tree planting and avenue development program with a view to increase the tree population.

If you would like a tree planted outside your property, please call us on 131 872 for assistance as residents or property owners are not allowed to plant trees on footpaths and in parks. This allows us to plant approved species. Tenants who would like to request a footpath tree must first obtain permission from the property owner, or via the managing real estate office. Property owners who request a footpath tree must be agreeable to watering the new tree for an establishment period of up to 12 months.

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Tree maintenance, pruning and removal

Our arborists take the lead when it's time to prune or remove trees in our public streets, roads and parks. In addition to their regular tree maintenance tasks, our skilled team also oversee tree planting and avenue development, data collection and inventory management. On occasions, residents may notice a street or park tree that they believe requires maintenance. If this applies to you, please notify us on 131 872 so we can arrange a time to inspect the tree.

Any identified maintenance issues will be added to the work schedule. We aim to attend to customer requests within 30 business days, based on priorities and perceived risks.

It's important to remember that residents or property owners are not permitted to modify, prune or remove Council controlled trees or vegetation without obtaining prior written approval from Council.


Tree pruning around powerlines

Ergon Energy is responsible for pruning trees growing within or near powerlines. For more information, please visit the Ergon Energy website.

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