Ash, burnt material & other difficult substances for disposal

Ashes and other burnt material

Your local waste facility is in danger of catching on fire and causing considerable damage if you dispose of ash that is not completely cold before you dispose of it. And, warm ash is not compatible with your plastic wheelie bin. Ensure that any ashes or burnt material that you are throwing away are cold all the way through before taking them to your local facility or putting them in your general waste wheelie bin. Soak your ash and leave it for a few days to dry out. A container of ash may feel cold on the outside but the centre is often warm enough that, when disposed of in the bins at the waste facility or in your wheelie bin, reignite and cause a fire.

At your local waste facility, follow the directions of on-site staff when you want to dispose of your ash. 

General household paints, solvents, chemicals and poisons

  • Unwanted domestic household paints, solvents, chemicals and poisons are accepted at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre, Bedford Street.
  • Only 5 Litres per vehicle each visit will be accepted for disposal.
  • Paints, solvents, chemicals and poisons from commercial businesses (including agricultural enterprises) will not be accepted at any of our waste management facility.
  • Chemical containers that have been flushed, pressure rinsed or triple rinsed may be accepted at a number of our waste management facilities through the drumMUSTER Program. It is suggested you phone before your visit.
  • The Smart Tip Shop (Lifeline) may accept paint providing the tins are in good condition.  It is suggested you phone before your visit.

We cannot accept liquid waste from a commercial premises.   Commercial operators need to find alternative waste disposal options for their liquid wastes.

 Waste oil

  • Waste oil such as vehicle engine oil  and gear oil (from a domestic source only) is accepted at most staffed sites (check here).
  • 20 litres allowed per visit.
  • Vegetable and hydraulic oils are not accepted.
  • Waste oils from commercial enterprises will not be accepted at any of our waste management facility.

 Disposal process

  • If you are unsure or concerned about whether an item will be accepted at the transfer station, phone the facility before your visit.
  • On arrival at a facility, if paint, solvents, chemicals or poisons are leaking, please inform one of our staff and we will place the leaking container into a 20 litre drum.
  • If you have brought an unlabelled container you need to advise our staff member on site to assist you identify and label what it may contain or for what purpose it has been used.
  • Place paint solvent chemical and poison containers at the shed door entrance; chemicals and poisons in one end of the shed; paints and solvents in the opposite end (separate doorways). Do not enter the shed. Just leave containers at the entrance to the shed. Staff will sort, segregate and store items appropriately.
  • There is a separate area for waste oil disposal.
  • Always ask the staff if you are not sure where to place items.
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