Waste disposal gate charges and how you may be charged

Council has a user pays system for waste disposal charges at our waste management facilities. The assessment of whether a load of waste is to have a commercial charge is determined by the gatehouse operator taking into account a number of things:

  • Is the vehicle used in the operation of a business?
  • Is the vehicle considered a large truck - ie. not a normal domestic type vehicle?
  • Is the quantity of waste being disposed of more than what is considered a normal quantity of waste produced from the normal operation of a household?
  • Is there any waste that a separate fee is listed for eg. tyres, dead animals, asbestos, waste for special burial?
  • Has the vehicle disposed of waste regularly at any of the Council facilities, thus could it be considered that the customer is producing more waste than 1 x 240L wheelie bin of general waste per week?
  • Does the vehicle have a history of using a facility for the same type of waste on a very regular basis?
  • Where has the waste come from?

Many waste types from a household use can be disposed of for a nil gate charge, however it is best to come prepared to pay if there is any uncertainty.

Click here for fees and charges. An explanation of the charges can be found at Appendix A.

Disputing waste gate charges

If you have visited a waste management facility, have been charged for waste disposal, and believe that you should not have been charged, please put your query in writing and send it via mail, email or hand delivery to a Customer Service Centre outlining:

  • your contact details
  • when you were at the facility, (date and approximate time)
  • which facility you used 
  • what waste you disposed of
  • a description of the vehicle used and the registration details
  • where your waste came from
  • and include a copy of the disposal docket.

Your request will be investigated and a response provided.  



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