Managing your waste bins (wheelie bin collection days)

To find out your collection day and recycling week for your household waste collection service please search the property address in our map

  1. Type your property address in the search bar at the top left hand corner.
  2. Select your address in the results box and then scroll in on the map to reveal the collection day and recycle week.
  3. If you would like a recycling calendar for your fridge please print out the Waste calendar 2016-17 (current financial year) or the Waste calendar 2017-18 (next financial year) .

Some properties are outside of the designated collection area and do not receive a kerbside waste collection service. You will need to transport your items to your local waste facility. There are recycling opportunities available at each facility, please recycle where you can.

Waste collection calendars

General waste bins (with a red lid or a nature green lid) are serviced every week.  Your recycling bin (yellow lid) is emptied every second week and if you have a greenwaste bin (lime green lid), it is emptied fortnightly in the week between recycling collections. 

Waste collection on a public holiday

Kerbside waste collection is completed Monday to Friday including on all public holidays. For more information please read our public holiday waste collection article.. For opening hours of your local waste facility on public holidays please read our waste facility opening hours article..

Wheelie bin maintenance

Should your wheelie bin be damaged or have broken parts (e.g. cracked or missing lids, pins, wheels and/or axles), contact council and lodge a customer request.

Kerbside waste collection service options

A three bin kerbside collection service is in place for all residential properties within the designated collection area throughout the region. The service consists of: 

  • General waste bin (red or a nature green lid) - collected weekly.
  • Recycling bin (yellow lid) - collected fortnightly.
  • an optional greenwaste bin (lime green lid) - collected fortnightly on the week between your recycling bin collection.

Correct placement for waste bins

Please help our contractor to collect your bins easily and safely by following these simple guidelines.

  • Bins must be out for collection by 6am on the collection day. Properties within the Toowoomba CBD must have bins out by 5am.
  • Ensure that all bins are approximately 1m away from other bins, and other obstacles such as trees, poles, bollards and signs.
  • Ensure that bins are not placed under overhanging tree branches, low hanging wires or similar.
  • Please place bins in a position where they can be easily accessed by the collection arms - not behind obstacles.
  • Handles on the bins must be pointing away from the roadside (i.e. towards the property boundary/house).

Bins may not be collected if they are placed out after 6am, are contaminated, are overfull or are too heavy.   You may be asked to remove the contaminant, items or weight before it is emptied again.  You may be charged for a truck to come back to service your bin.

Broken or stolen bins 

Broken or stolen bins can be either repaired or replaced. Contact us to arrange for repair or replacement of your bin. 

Missed service

Sometimes a bin is not emptied.  This may be for a  variety of reasons including a truck breakdown or it could be that the bin contains items that are incompatible with the disposal or recycling process or the collection trucks.  If you have put your bin out by 6am (5am in the CBD), it is accessible for the truck, is not overfilled, overweight or jammed with waste, does not contain items that are longer than 50cm and does not contain any contamination, call council on 131 872.

Partially emptied bins

Bins can be "partially emptied" for a variety of reasons including:

  • Polystyrene or cardboard placed in the bin in large pieces cause a blockage.  Waste underneath it often can not be shaken out by our trucks. Light weight items should be placed at the top of the bin. Break the items into smaller pieces.
  • Large and/or light items at the bottom of the bin often jam a bin. 
  • Firmly compacted waste is difficult to empty.

Make sure your waste is loose and can be easily emptied. If your bin is tightly compacted or jammed by oversized items, we may charge a fee to return to your property and empty the bin.

Stray bins

If you have found a bin that doesn't belong to you, contact us and we will arrange removal of the bin.

Overfilled or overweight bins

Excess weight (from building rubble, bricks, timber offcuts and rocks placed in your bin) or excess capacity (overflowing bins or extra waste placed next to the bin) cannot be collected.  Make sure that all rubbish fits into the bin and the lid can close. Cut up any long pieces of timber/mop handles to less than 50cm long. 

Overflowing bins create litter and encourage animals. One-off additional collections of household waste can be arranged for a small fee.

Bins for non-rubbish collection areas

If you live outside a defined collection area, you can purchase a bin from most hardware shops or waste contractors. You will be responsible for taking the contents to the waste facility. We cannot service bins that are not provided by us as part of the collection contract. Council does not sell wheelie bins.

Bins for new homes

For new homes in a defined collection area, contact us to obtain your bin(s). In some locations a new wheelie bin will not be issued unless the final inspection of the dwelling and plumbing/drainage has been approved by council.

Additional bins

Contact us to order another bin. The second service will incur a charge on the property's rates invoice. Property owners can request an additional service. If you are a tenant of a property, only the property owner or an agent of the property owner can order an additional service for the property.

One-off or special waste collection

If you forgot to place the bin out for collection or have more waste than can fit into the bin we can organise a one-off collection for you at a small cost. This service is offered to most residents in the collection area. Remember also, there are no gate fees to tip domestic waste at your nearest waste facility.  

Contact us to find out if a one-off service is available to you and to arrange for your bin to be emptied on a day other than your normal collection day.

Only TRC owned bins are serviced

We provide the general waste, recycling and greenwaste bins for residents within the designated collection area to use for their waste disposal. These bins are the only bins that our waste contractor will empty when they are placed out for the kerbside waste collection service. Please be aware that if a non-TRC owned bin is placed out for emptying it may not be collected by us and you will be responsible for disposing of your own waste.

Wheelie bin ownership

You do not own the wheelie bins at your home. Bins must remain at the property that they have been allocated to. When you move, don't pack your bins. For existing properties, you should have bins already at your new property. If you don't, please contact us. For newly built homes, please order your new service/s by contacting us. Bins will be delivered after the house is completed and a final certificate is issued.

A greenwaste service is charged against a property, not a person. If you had a greenwaste service at your original residence, the bin and the charge remains there.  You need to register for a new greenwaste service at the new property (if there is not one there). The greenwaste service is available to most areas within the region. We have compiled a list of suburbs that currently are within the service area.  If in doubt, please contact us to confirm whether your property can receive a service. There has been insufficient interest from some townships in the region for the service to be offered to all areas. If you live in these areas, property owners can continue to register their interest in receiving a service. Your details will be kept in a database and used to negotiate expansion of the greenwaste service with our contractor.

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