Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 May 2020 07:42

Your general waste bin, serviced weekly, has a red lid or nature green lid (same colour as the bin body). Items put in this bin are buried in landfill at a waste facility. Read below to find out which items are not compatible with our waste collection trucks or landfill and should not be put in your general waste bin.

To find out your bin collection day, use our Find your bin day tool. 


Materials that can be placed in the general waste bin

Items that can be placed in your general waste bin include:

Keep in mind there are many charitable organisations that may want your good, usable household items such as crockery, glassware and clothing.  Look for these organisations in the white pages.

To make it easy to decide which bin to use, we've created a 'What goes in each bin' flyer to print and keep at home.


Materials that should not be placed in the general waste bin

Many of our waste facilities offer disposal options for these items. For further information read the Waste facilities article.


Wheelie bin maintenance

Should your wheelie bin be damaged or have broken parts (e.g. cracked or missing lids, pins, wheels and/or axles), you can lodge a request online here or contact us and report the issue.