Infirm services

We offer a collection service for the elderly, disabled or medically immobilised who are unable to put their bins out for the weekly waste collection service.  Our waste collection contractor is contracted to collect the bins from the property and return the bins empty to the property after the service. The service is only offered if there are no residents on the property capable of putting the bins out for collection.

Residents need to complete an application form (see "related form" below) and submit it to us together with a doctors certificate or confirmation from a medical practitioner.  

There is no charge for the service, however there are conditions to be met.  Refer to the application form for details. 

Related form

Infirm Waste Collection Service

Related information

Wheelie bin maintenanceShould your wheelie bin be damaged or have broken parts (e.g. cracked or missing lids, pins, wheels and/or axles), contact council and lodge a customer request.

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