Water supply, connection and maintenance

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Water meter connections

Information and connection application forms can be found on our 'Water meter connections, including individual water metering of units' webpage.


Please report water leaks or water meter leaks. If it is a major leak, please contact us immediately. Note that we are not responsible for any water lost on the property side of the meter.


All properties connected to our water supply are metered. Owners are required to maintain the meter surrounds to allow access by our officers. If owners are having difficulty reading their meter they should contact us. Interference with water meters is prohibited. Please report any problems with your meter to us as soon as possible.


Issues relating to water pollution should be immediately reported to us and may include:

  • Contaminant to storm water drain, roadside gutter or water supply
  • Fish / bird kill
  • Sewerage overflow
  • Chemical / oil spill.

Private water bores

Private bores are not regulated by us and we do not investigate their use. If you do have a query about a private bore contact the State Government Department of Natural Resources & Mines.

Water network pressure and flow rate testing

We offer a pressure and flow rate test on water mains. These are the tests required for water connections or extensions for new development including design of fire protection systems (hydrants).

To organise this test please contact us and:

  • provide your contact details and details of request.
  • provide location details including a map with the required hydrant marked.
  • provide test details (i.e. Single Hydrant, three point test etc).
  • pay the relevant fee for a "Pressure and flow rate test" (check our Fees & Charges). 


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