Classroom resources

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Our Water and Waste Education team have developed, produced and released DVDs, brochures and factsheets to help students and teachers learn about water and waste sustainability.

The following is a list of resources useful for schools and the general community relating to water studies and waste recycling. Many of the resources listed are available at the Toowoomba Regional Library. Please view the online catalogue for availability.


Helpful education contacts

For information on educators who can assist with classroom activities and provide other water or waste related resources please contact us and ask for the Water and Waste Education team.

For assistance with outdoor activities such as creek walks and water quality monitoring of local creeks, it is best to contact either:

Another source of local information is Qld Museum Learning - Cobb & Co. Museum.


Helpful links

Interactive sites

Water issues in Australia

Teaching resources

Interactive calculators

  • WaterWatcher - Monitor home water use by reading and recording your water meter

Global issues

  • WaterAid - Water issues facing the global community

Other useful links

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