Tips for saving water at work

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Use these handy tips from the Queensland Government business and industry portal. 

  • Install water efficient taps—lever or mixer taps let you find the right water temperature quickly
  • install dual flush toilets
  • set air-conditioning temperature (wherever possible) no lower than 24 degrees—you'll use less water in the cooling tower and save on energy use
  • check for leaks in taps, pipes and hoses.

 When cleaning:

  • scrape instead of rinsing dishes
  • wash and rinse items using a bowl or bucket, rather than under running taps
  • only put the dishwasher on when it's full
  • wash fruit and vegetables in a bowl or plugged sink, instead of a running tap.

Educate staff and inform policy by:

  • displaying water usage and saving charts in the staff room or kitchen
  • make water usage updates a standing agenda item in meetings
  • display posters in the staff room and kitchen
  • send water saving ideas and progress reports to staff in newsletters, emails and bulletins
  • include water efficiency policies and procedures in staff induction and training programs
  • establish an ideas box to share water saving ideas across your workplace.

You can also audit your workplace

See where savings can be made. Look around and check if the following devices and management processes are water efficient:

  • taps and hose-fittings
  • dishwashers and washing machines
  • toilets and showers 
  • air-conditioning
  • watering of gardens and lawns
  • recycling of materials.


Last Updated: Wednesday, 07 November 2018 13:39
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