Why we need to stay WaterWise

CressUnder Permanent Conservation Measures, residents are urged to continue being conservative in their use of water.  The target for residential consumption is now 200 L/p/d for Toowoomba City and areas connected to the Toowoomba Bulk water supply and Greenmount Service Area water supplies.

Over the last few years the community is to be congratulated for reducing water usage to below 140L/p/d and are continuing to keep usage to this conservative level. In the articles in this section you will find useful tips to help stay within our target of 200L/p/d.

We value our water because:

  • Our garden city image is an important part of Toowoomba’s business promotion.
  • Our city population is growing and the region is also expanding rapidly.
  • Our water supply was running low because:
  • The catchment areas are traditionally drier than within Toowoomba city, so even when we had a good season, the dams didn't fill.  Catchment areas need at least 100 mm in a short time to wet the soil and allow runoff into our dams.
  • Drought contributed to our dwindling supplies.
  • Bores were running low, without much opportunity for recharge until recently.

The pipeline connecting Wivenhoe Dam to Cressbrook Dam contributes to the security of water supply for our region. However, we need to stay WaterWise.

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