Current water restrictions

Water restrictions are in place across our whole Region. Find out what this means for you below.

All residents are urged to minimise water usage at all times to preserve existing supplies. Private bore water users are also requested to reduce usage where possible as aquifer levels throughout the region are stressed.

We have a four tier system of water restrictions;

  1. Low level (formally known as 'permanent conservation measures')
  2. Medium level
  3. High level
  4. Extreme level.

Each level is 'triggered' when a water supply falls to a certain capacity or when water systems are under increased stress. These are individually monitored and restriction levels set for each system below.


Water restrictions by location

(200 l/p/d)
(200 l/p/d)
(170 l/p/d)
(140 l/p/d)
Brookstead    M    
Cambooya    M    
Cecil Plains     H  
Clifton    M    
Crows Nest L      
Gowrie Junction L      
Greenmount   M    
Haden L      
Hampton L      
Highfields L      
Hodgson Vale (includes Top Camp)   M    
Jondaryan L      
Kingsthorpe L      
Meringandan L      
Millmerran L      
Oakey L      
Pittsworth   M    
Southbrook   M    
Toowoomba City L      
Vale View     H  
Westbrook L      
Wyreema L      
Yarraman     H  

* Formally known as "Permanent conservation measures"

Low, medium, high & extreme water restriction details

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