Building, construction and development

Saving water is everyone's responsibility. From 11 December 2010, Permanent Conservation Measures water restrictions apply to all residences and businesses connected to the Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply and to the town water supplies within the Greenmount Service area which includes Greenmount, Cambooya, Vale View, Wyreema and Hodgson Vale.

Building construction

Water from the reticulated (town) supply system is permitted to be used for building construction purposes ONLY when applied using a bucket or through a hand held hose or a high pressure water cleaning unit and provided that the construction site is attended at all times when water is being used on the site.

Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems

Refer to the Toowoomba Regional Council Gardens and Lawns fact sheet. The Queensland Water Commission's Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation Guideline provides information on efficient irrigation and watering to ensure compliance with this Restriction.

Land development, sub-divisional activities, State and Local Government roads and associated roadwork activities (non-residential)

Water from the reticulated (town) supply system is not permitted to be used for activities associated with land development and sub-divisional activities (including dust suppression, earthworks, road and service construction, landscaping, and slope stabilisation or erosion control) and State or Local Government roads and associated roadwork activity except where the written approval of the service provider has been obtained.

Last Updated: Monday, 24 September 2018 17:19
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