Water efficiency guidelines for sprinklers and irrigation systems

Ground irrigation device

When using alternate sources such as rainwater, bores and greywater, you are not required to follow the guideline. If possible, please use alternative water sources before using town water.

A summary of the information included in the Water Efficiency Guideline has been included below for your convenience


Contents of the Water Efficiency Guideline 

The guideline contains information about:


Compliance with the guideline

Compliance with the guideline is required in the following circumstances:

Users are also required to follow water restrictions. Check your region for your current water restrictions.


Efficient irrigation requirements

Efficient irrigation system

An efficient irrigation system must have the following features:

*A certified irrigation professional is permitted to certify an irrigation system as an efficient irrigation system using emitters with a different flow rate, provided the system is fit for purpose and delivers the same or better water efficiency outcomes when used in accordance with this irrigation guideline.

Efficient sprinkler

Sprinklers are attached to the end of a garden hose and are generally moved around the garden or lawn from time to time to cover the area to be watered. To be an efficient sprinkler, the device must:

Operating requirements for an efficient irrigation system or sprinkler

An efficient irrigation system or efficient sprinkler must be operated efficiently to conserve water. When watering gardens and lawns by any means, you should:


Smart Approved WaterMark label

Smart approved watermark label

The Smart Approved WaterMark label helps you identify products and services that reduce water use outdoors and around the home.

The guideline identifies irrigation products that display the Smart Approved WaterMark. Look for the Smart Approved WaterMark label (see image on right) when selecting a product. If the product does not carry the symbol ensure the water output meets the approved guideline.

For more information on Smart Approved WaterMark products visit the Smart Approved WaterMark website.


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