eAudiobooks are books that you can listen to on your smartphone, iPod, MP3 player, tablet or computer. We have thousands of titles to choose from. 

To borrow an eAudiobook you will need a Toowoomba Region Libraries membership number and a PIN. If you are currently not a Toowoomba Region library member, you can join online for free here.


eAudiobook platforms

We have 2 eAudiobook platforms: BorrowBox (Bolinda) and RBdigital.

Each platform will permit four eAudiobook loans any one time. Note: Borrowbox will count reservations as a loan.

Online tutorials

Online tutorials to help guide you through set up on your device, borrowing and listening to eAudiobooks are available for BorrowBox and RBdigital.

Listening to eAudiobooks on mobile devices

RBdigital and Borrowbox apps are available in the Apple App store or Google Play for Android devices. The RBdigital app is also available for Amazon Kindle Fire.

Listening to eAudiobooks using a computer

Special software is not required to download an eAudiobook but you will require a media manager or media device that is MP3 compatible. Links to the RBdigital Media Manager can be found on the RBdigital platform.

As there are restrictions on data downloads on our computers you cannot download eAudiobooks from our library facilities.


Getting started with RBdigital

For help on setting up your device and getting started using RBdigital follow our online tutorial to guide you through the process.

How to set up the RBdigital mobile app

RBdigital is a free mobile app that enables our library members to borrow and download eAudiobooks and eMagazines. The app incorporates a dedicated eMagazine reader and an eAudiobook player.

  1. Install the RBdigital app.
  2. Choose Country – Australia.
  3. Tap Create Account to enter your account information
  4. Enter Library Information
    • Enter your library card number (barcode) and PIN
  5. RBdigital Account Information
    • Create username - eg your library card number
    • Create and Confirm password
  6. Personal Information
    • Enter first name
    • Enter last name
    • Enter and Confirm email
  7. Tap Register
  8. Your RBdigital app will open to the Home Screen. Scroll for content or tap the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner for additional options.

How to setup RBdigital on a computer

  1. Create an account on the RBdigital platform, go to http://toowoomba.rbdigitalglobal.com.
  2. Click Register to create an account
  3. Enter Account information
  4. Sign in.
  5. Install the RBdigital Media Manager for your computer’s operating system (Windows/MAC), download links for desktop apps can be found at http://toowoomba.rbdigitalglobal.com.
  6. Country select Australia.
  7. Enter your username or email address and password.
  8. Library – select Toowoomba Regional Council.
  9. Click Login.

Browsing and borrowing

  1. Select Explore to browse titles by categories, genres, authors and narrators.
  2. Checkout a title.
  3. Select Download.
  4. Listen (Play) your eAudiobook using the RBdigital app on your mobile device or through RBdigital Media Manager on your computer.

Managing your loans

Loan limits and renewals

You may borrow up to 4 eAudiobook titles for 14 days. Loans may be renewed twice.

Renewing loans and returning titles early

  1. Open Checked Out from the menu.
  2. Tap or click the title cover.
  3. Select Return to return the title or Renew to renew your loan for another 2 weeks.

Getting help

Help, tutorial and troubleshooting

Extensive help, frequently asked questions and a tutorial can be found in Help from the RBdigital platform or within the RBdigital app.


Getting started with BorrowBox

For help on setting up your device and getting started using BorrowBox follow our online tutorial to guide you through the process.

Instructions for installing and setting up BorrowBox

Once BorrowBox is installed on your mobile device you will need to choose Toowoomba Regional Libraries and enter your PIN and follow the simplified steps below.

  1. Install the app. You will be prompted to agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Configure BorrowBox for Toowoomba Regional Council libraries. From within the app:

Searching for an e-Audiobook

Once your library card number and pin are set up in BorrowBox Library you will be automatically connected and you can start browsing the catalogue or search for specific titles or keywords using the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen.

Within the catalogue, there are a number of options to refine your search and search for titles by categories, genres, new releases, most popular, fiction etc.

Borrowing and downloading an eAudiobook

Once you have located an eAudiobook you would like to listen to or find more information about, tap on its title or image. A new page will open that contains more information about the book including the duration (playing time). At the bottom of the screen, there are options to preview the eAudiobook or borrow it. To borrow the eAudiobook, tap borrow.

A popup screen will appear requesting you to confirm your loan (or cancel) and will advise the number of available loans you have remaining. Press 'Confirm loan'.

Once the loan has been confirmed, you are prompted to either keep browsing the catalogue or to download the eAudiobook.

To download your loan, tap 'Download Now'.

A new screen will open that lists the chapters of the book. You can choose to download each chapter individually by using the green downward arrows on the right-hand side of the chapter. Alternatively, you can download all the chapters by scrolling the screen upward to reveal a button that says 'Download All'. Depending on the speed or download limit of your internet connection you may choose to do either option.

Listening to a downloaded eAudiobook

When you have downloaded the eAudiobook you can commence listening by selecting the first chapter or simply pressing play. You can also navigate from anywhere within the app to your currently downloaded loans by pressing the 'My Loans' option on the navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen. Once you're in My Loans, select the eAudiobook you wish to listen to and repeat the process described above to listen to your book. The app will remember where you're up in your book for all of your current eAudiobook loans even after closing the app and turning off your device.

Additionally, the app provides options to control the volume, fast forward and rewind.

Reserving an eAudiobook

Reserving an eAudiobook is a similar process to borrowing an eAudiobook. Reservations for eAudiobook are treated as loans and are included your loan count. With eAudiobooks reservations, the system will make them available for download on the nominated availability date.

To make a reservation, find the title you wish to reserve and tap the reserve option. A popup screen will open, advising that your reservation is successful and the date when the title will be available for download. Tap Dismiss to close the popup screen.

Removing an eAudiobook

eAudiobooks will remove themselves once the loan expires but if you wish to remove them from your device before the loan expires, you are able to do so. To do this, open the book you want to remove and press on the edit option in the top left-hand corner (you may have to scroll the page down as you did to show the 'download all' option).

You then have the option of removing individual chapters by pressing on the circle on the left-hand side of each chapter or you can press select all in the upper right-hand corner. Once you do this press delete at the top of the page. This will not return the eAudiobook. The title of an eAudiobook will have red text when it is within one week of its due date. There is no option for returning eAudiobooks early.

Changing accounts on BorrowBox Library

If you have the need to use a different library card ID to the ID already associated within the BorrowBox app on your device, you are able to this but doing so will delete any previous eAudiobooks borrowed/downloaded in the BorrowBox app from this device.

To change accounts, press on the settings option at the bottom of the page then select 'Account Details'. Select the 'Reset' option to restart the app from the beginning.


How to borrow and download eAudiobooks using your computer

How to borrow an eAudiobook

  1. Click on the Borrow button below the title's cover. This will take you to the loan confirmation page. Click Confirm Loan.
  2. This will take you to the loan successful page. Choose to continue browsing or download your loan.
  3. A loan confirmation email will also be sent to your nominated email address. This title will now be visible beneath Active Loans/Reserves on the right side of your My Account page. You can borrow a title for two weeks.
  4. There is no need to return your eAudiobook as it will automatically return after 2 weeks.  Even if you borrowed it accidentally and no longer require it, it will stay on your library card until the 2 weeks is complete. 

How to reserve a title

  1. Click on the Reserve button below the title's cover.
  2. This will take you to the reserve confirmation page. Click Confirm Reserve.
  3. This will take you to the reserve successful page. Click on the Continue Browsing button.
  4. A reserve confirmation email will also be sent to your nominated email address.
  5. The title will now be visible beneath Active Loans/Reserves on the right side of your My Account page.
  6. An email will be sent to your nominated email address when the title is available for download.

You must collect your reservation within two weeks. Reservations cannot be cancelled as there is a 2 week timeframe for every reservation and loan which enables customers to know what date they will receive their eAudiobook.

How to download a title

  1. After you have borrowed a title, click on the download button in the loan successful page.
  2. Download the title through your My Account page.
  3. In the Active Loans/Reserves bar in your My Account page, click the download button beneath the title.
  4. Now choose to download the complete eAudiobook or to download in parts.
  5. Alternatively, use the link provided in the loan confirmation email to access the download page.
    • If you get an option pop-up to Open, Run or Save your loan when you download, make sure that you select Save, otherwise, the eAudiobook will not save to your computer properly.

You are able to download an eAudiobook twice. If for some reason you require additional downloads, please contact customer care.

You can download the eAudiobook to more than one device as long as you ensure that at the end of your loan period the file is deleted on all computers. 

Unzipping your eAudiobook download

To unzip your eAudiobook download, follow these steps for either PC or Mac.


  1. Locate your downloaded eAudiobook folder.
  2. Right click and select Extract All.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish unzipping.


  1. Locate your downloaded eAudiobook folder.
  2. Double click to unzip.

Your downloaded eAudiobook folder will be located where you have set your internet browser to download to (e.g. downloads, desktop etc). For Mac users, we recommend using Safari for your internet browser as unzipping occurs automatically.

Listening to the eAudiobook


Hint: You can use ‘Pause’ on your device to bookmark your place (but not on your computer).


Hint: You can use Pause on your device to bookmark your place (but not on your computer).

Removing eAudiobook files

Make sure that all files are deleted off your computer and portable media device when your loan period expires.



You will need to delete every copy of the eAudiobook folder from your computer and portable media device and destroy any physical copies you have made (e.g. CD's).

Searching for content

You can search through our content by using the quick search option, which allows you to search by keyword, title, author or narrator. This is found on the right side of the top menu.

Alternatively, you can do an advanced search by clicking on Advanced Search below the quick search bar. This will direct you to a new page that allows you to select search criteria from a more detailed list (e.g. category, genre, awards, etc).

A search results page will then be shown that lists all titles relating to your search criteria. You can choose how these results are sorted by selecting from the dropdown list on the right side named Sort By.

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