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Naming / renaming of a park or open space

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We have developed a policy for the consideration of requests to name or rename a park or infrastructure within a park within the region. The policy doesn't apply to new parks and land contributed as part of the development application process.

When a naming / renaming request can be made

A community member can submit an application to name or rename a park or infrastructure within a park in the following circumstances:

  • Change of name for a previously unnamed or default named park.
  • Overwhelming and verifiable change in community attitude and support.
  • Following the expiration of a sponsorship agreement.

How to make a request


1. Fill in and submit the Parks - Naming / renaming of parks & park infrastructure application form (online).


  1. Fill in the Parks - Naming / renaming of parks & park infrastructure application form (for print).
  2. Submit the form via one of the following ways:
    - Email info@tr.qld.gov.au.
    - Post to Toowoomba Regional Council, PO Box 3021, Toowoomba, Qld 4350.
    - In person via your nearest customer service centre.

A fully completed application form for Stage 1 and all evidence is required to be provided prior to assessment.

Park naming criteria

Park names should be unique within the locality and have general appeal and relevance to the community in which they are located. No parks should have the same name within the region and, if existing, should be distinguished additionally by their location.

The primary purpose of a park is for recreation, not as a memorial, and naming after persons will only be considered under circumstances relating to benefaction or bequest; or where there has been substantial and verifiable community contribution made to the local community by the nominated person and there is broad and extensive community support.

Additional criteria applies for the naming of our assets. See 2.06 Naming/Renaming of Council Assets Policy for details.

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