Peacehaven Botanical Park - Highfields

Tuesday, 14 Mar 2017 12:01

Address: 56 Kuhls Road, Highfields QLD 4352

The house at 50 Kuhls Road (which sits within Peacehaven Park) is to be demolished, the works will include the removal of the dwelling, rain water tanks and the fence on 3 sides of the house. The 2 timber framed buildings which were part of the original dairy to the rear of the house will be retained.  During the demolition process all asbestos will be removed from the dwelling and the 2 remaining structures by licenced contractors.

Peacehaven Botanical Park is a popular park, located just 15 minutes north of Toowoomba's CBD in Highfields. Peacehaven Botanical Park offers beautiful views of the Bunya Mountain range and Gowrie Junction to the west and comprises a wide ranging predominantly Australian native flora collection. Many of the trees and other plants are labelled with signs containing their botanical name. 


There are picnic tables, barbecue facilities, a grand rotunda, park seating, open spaces and amenities for public use.  The park is popular for get-togethers, walks, family-time kicking a ball, birthday parties, weddings and small events.  

Entrance to the park and carparking is off Kuhls Road.   

We are proud to work in coordination with Friends of Peacehaven Botanical Park to maintain this beautiful park. Members of the public can purchase specialist native plants at the Peacehaven Botanical Park nursery, with money from each purchase contributing to the upkeep of the park.

There are barbecue and picnic facilities located in the park for the convenience of park users. 




The grand rotunda provides a formal area for park users to take in the beautiful views of the Bunya Mountains and Gowrie Junction to the west.  This is also a popular place for weddings and wedding photography (see Weddings).


Another popular location is the picturesque lake - a stunning focal point with viewing platform and bench seating for park users to sit and enjoy the tranquil setting.



Stretched over 4.7 hectares, with hundreds of species of scrub and rainforest plants - the park contains dry and wet rainforests, wetlands, and open grassland areas. Rare and endangered plants from south-east Queensland are also housed in this location. There are numerous bird species that inhabit the park, which make for a melodic sound of bird song for park users to enjoy. 

There are various walkways, which make their way through local species plantings and are labelled with plaques, providing an educational aspect to the park. 


Each walkway contains artistic mosaic tiles symbolising aspects of the natural environment.


The park also comprises a frog pond, which provides a habitat for the local frog population as well as other varied fauna.


The park also houses a community, native-plant nursery, open to the public on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

The Peacehaven Botanical Gardens are a popular place for weddings and wedding photos.  For more information on how to book weddings please visit our Booking parks section.





Picnic tables
Park bench


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