Open or closed status and allowed activities on lakes and dams

Boat on dam
Our lakes and dams are wonderful places to enjoy a wide range of recreation activities. But it's important to plan ahead before visiting a lake or dam in our region. As these are outdoor recreation areas they may be affected by weather and issues such as algae outbreaks. When planning your visit remember to check:


Open or closed status

At certain times we may need to close a lake area for your safety. If a closure occurs, the area that is unable to be accessed will be marked below with a cross.

Lake Cooby

tickPicnic area
tickBoating and fishing 
tickDam wall

Lake Cressbrook

tickPicnic area
tickBoating and fishing

Lake Perseverance

tickWater based activities
tickLand based activities and picnic area


Allowed recreation activities

Lake Cooby

boatingcanoesailingfishingpicnic tablesbbqparkhiking

Boating (electric motors only) | Boating (non-powered - rowing, sailing, canoeing) | Windsurfing | Fishing | Picnics and BBQs | Playground | Bush walking 


Lake Cressbrook

boatingcanoefishingcampingcampingpicnic tablesbbqhiking

Boating (fuel powered) | Boating (non-powered - rowing, sailing, canoeing) | Fishing | Camping | Picnics and BBQs | Bush walking


Lake Perseverance

Activities on Lake Perseverance are only available to the Perseverance Aquatic Club and those participating in organised activities conducted through the Lake Perseverance Centre.


Yarramalong Weir

boatingcanoeswimmingfishingcampingpicnic tables

Boating (fuel powered) | Boating (non-powered - rowing, sailing, canoeing) | Swimming | Fishing | Camping | Picnics


Lemontree Weir - Bostock bridge crossing




Cecil Plains Weir

fishingcampingpicnic tables

Fishing | Camping | Picnics


More information about our lakes or dams

You can find more information about any of our lakes or dams at the links below: