Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 May 2020 10:06

Keep Watch @ Public Pools program

Lack of direct supervision by a parent or carer is believed to be a contributing factor in 70% of all drowning deaths at public pools. The Keep Watch @ Public Pools program created by Royal Life Saving aims to eliminate all drowning deaths and reduce the number of near drowning incidents at these facilities.

Council supports the Keep Watch @ Public Pools program and requests that active supervision is undertaken by all parents and carers of children when using the pool. This means that parents/carers should be dressed ready to enter the pool, should be within arms reach of their child/children, should focus all attention on their child/children and should not leave their child/children alone in the pool for any amount of time or in the care of an older child or assume less responsibility when lifeguards are present.

How have the supervision requirements for Under 5s been developed? (Now identified with a high visibility wrist band)

The under 5 supervision requirement of ‘within arm’s reach’ has been based on a number of factors. Children under 5 are at most risk of fatal and non-fatal drowning, with drowning the number one accidental cause of death of children in this age group. This is also in line with research and best practice that has been used for over 15 years in other supervision messages. Children under 5 also lack the physical and mental capabilities to discern danger and get themselves out of trouble when in the water and therefore require close supervision. The Coroner has highlighted the importance of close supervision in children in this age group, as supervision is the main contributor to children under 5 drowning.


General pool rules and regulations

We have some rules and regulations that you need to be aware of when enjoying our swimming pools.

Thunder and lightning policy

Water slide rules

Swimwear policy

The swimwear policy across our pools is based on guidelines from the Royal Lifesaving Society of Australia (RLSSA) and from Qld Health. The RLSSA Guideline for Safe Pool Operation makes references to appropriate swimwear in public pools.

Adequate & hygienic recognised swimwear made from lycra and nylon must be worn at all times in the water. Infants are required to wear only recognised waterproof aqua nappies plus tight leg swimwear.

While we are committed to sun safe practices, rash shirts are the recognised swimwear and not cotton tee shirts.

Unacceptable swimwear

If you do not wear the appropriate swimwear you will be asked to leave the water.

Inappropriate swimwear includes and is not limited to: