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For the recreational cyclist, Toowoomba has over 70 km of pathways, a number of designated mountain bike trails and a network of roads that can be used by the more experienced cyclist. We run a number of bike ride events each year with assistance from local cycling clubs and groups.


Suggested cycling routes

While there is an infinite number of options for city, country and even bush riding, below we have highlighted a few cycling routes for riders of various abilities.

Recreational / family rides on roads and paths

These routes are typically on streets with less traffic, shared pathways and through parks. In many locations, you can choose between riding on the road or using paths. Routes may not be desirable for commuter and more experienced cyclists who may prefer more direct routes. If you have a favourite route in your area we'd love to hear from you - contact us by email.

Toowoomba City route maps (printable)


Toowoomba City ride route ideas


Learn to ride facilities

Intermediate road rides

Popular Toowoomba City routes are:


Advanced road rides

Advanced road cyclists tell us the following loops are worth breaking into a sweat for. Road conditions may vary so it is recommended you touch base with a local rider before heading out.



Mountain bike and off-road rides

We recently created a slideshow to provide a fun beginners guide to mountain biking in the Toowoomba region - open in SlideShare.

Other resources

Here are some other links that might be of use as you enjoy our wonderful cycling region:

Cycling route websites

Popular mass-participation rides

Bike parking 

Bike parking map - Toowoomba

Cycle hub membership - Toowoomba


Reporting cycling issues

To report a cycling issue or safety hazard please report the issue to our customer service team via ePathway (online service request).