Rosalie (Goombungee) Council history

Council history

The first meeting of the Rosalie Divisional Board was held at the Police Station House, Jondaryan, on the 13 February 1880. In 1902, the board was renamed Rosalie Shire Council.

Council offices were located in Toowoomba from 1880 - 1985. During this period, Council offices relocated four times - Russell Street (adjoining the Queensland National Bank), 239 Margaret Street, 141 Herries Street and Neil Street. Over the years, a number of motions were put forward in relation to Council moving offices to Rosalie Shire. The offices moved from Toowoomba to Rosalie in 1985.

Past chairmen - Rosalie Divisional Board

1880-94 J F McDougall

1894-95 R Sharpe

1895-96 H V King

1896-97 Daniel McMahon

1897-98 John Mathieson

1898-99 H P Dunn

1899-1900 F Wockner

1900-01 R Sharpe

1901-02H V King

Past chairmen - Rosalie Shire Council

1902-03 Daniel McMahon

1904-05 John Bews

1905-06 J S Lee

1906-07 John Bews

1907-10 A J Luke

1910-11 H V King

1911-29 A E Moore

1929-36 Morris Harland

1936-39 H J Winton

1939-46 J J Gleeson

1946-62 S A Plant

1962-73 W F Kajewski

1973-97A Williams

Past mayor

1997-2008 N L Strohfeld

Notable chairpersons

Alick Williams

Alick Williams was appointed to the Council in 1962 and became Chairman in 1973.

He served as Chairman for the next 24 years. Williams was born in 1920 in the Shire and was raised on a farm in the Brymaroo area. He worked on farms before commencing work at the Malling Cheese Factory. He was only 20 years old, when he was appointed Manager of the Woodleigh Cheese Factory. In 1945, he moved to Quinalow Cheese Factory and served as Manager for over 30 years.. He also managed plants at Oakey and Kenilworth.

He was involved in many community groups including:

    • President of the Quinalow State School Parents and Citizens Association
    • President of the Queensland Division of Australian Institute of Dairy Factory Managers and Secretaries
    • President of the Darling Downs Institute of Dairy Technology Society
    • Councillor on the Federal Body
    • Member of the Queensland Milk Board

Henry Venn King

Henry Venn King served on the Rosalie Divisional Board from 1885 to 1911. During this period, he was elected chairman four times in 1895-96, 1901-1902, 1903-1904 and 1910-11.He was the joint owner of the Gowrie Estate which occupied a large area of the shire.

Arthur Edward Moore

Arthur Moore was elected to the Rosalie Shire Council in 1905. He represented the seat of Aubigny from 1915 until his retirement in 1941. He was elected chairman in 1911 and served until he became Premier of Queensland in 1929.

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