Removal and disposal of dead animals

The removal and disposal of deceased animals can be distressing and needs to be dealt with as safely and sensitively as possible.

Removal of dead animals on private property

When your loved pet passes away please do not use your wheelie bins for disposal. Instead, you can:

  • arrange cremation, or
  • bury your pet in the backyard at a mimimum depth of 60cm (cat of dog only), or
  • take your pet to the closest waste facility that accepts dead animals. A list of sites and their accepted waste types can be found in our 'Waste facilities' article.

Removal of dead animals on Council land or on/beside Council owned roads

If you see a dead animal on or beside a Council owned road or on Council owned land, you can report this to us by:

To make it as easy as possible for our staff to collect the animal, please provide an accurate location with a landmark.

Where registration details are able to be determined when the animal is picked up, our staff will attempt to contact the owner of the animal.

Removal of dead animals on/beside main roads

If a dead animal is located on or beside a main road, contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 0746 390 777.

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