Lost and roaming pets

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If your pet has gone missing, there are a number of steps you can take so you can be reunited. Always make sure your pet wears a collar and tag with your contact number is registered with your local Council and microchipped with up to date contact details. Cats are not required to be registered but must be microchipped.


How to find your lost pet

  1. Check the impoundment register and call us on 131 872 if an animal matching the description of your pet has been impounded. We recommend checking the centre personally as well.
  2. Contact local vets.
  3. Search around your neighbourhood.
  4. Browse the websites of rescue agencies: 
  5. Check with our surrounding Councils: 

How to claim your lost pet from the Animal Management Centre

Location: The Animal Management Centre drop off facility is located at 393-425 Anzac Avenue, Drayton. 

Open hours: The Animal Management Centre is open from Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm. The centre is not open on public holidays or weekends to organise release. 

How to claim your lost pet

  1. Contact our Customer Service staff on 131 872, Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm to ask if an animal matching your description may have been dropped at the Animal Management Centre.
  2. Come to the Animal Management Centre in person during open hours (Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm) so you can easily identify your pet. 
  3. Pay the release fee and sustenance charges for each day the animal is impounded (after the first 24 hours). If your animal is unregistered or not microchipped you may also receive a fine for each offence. View the relevant fees and charges.

Please note: If an animal is not claimed after a minimum period of 3 full working days from the date of impoundment for unidentified animals (ie no identifying tag or not microchipped) or 5 full working days from the date of impoundment for identified animals, we will endeavour to rehouse the animal with an approved welfare agency. If the animal is not suitable for rehousing it may be euthanised.


Roaming pets - animal drop off facility

If you find a roaming pet outside of office hours (Monday to Friday 9am - 4.30pm), you can gently catch the cat or dog and place it in the drop off facility. The drop off area is protected from the environment, food and water is provided for the animals and the cages are checked morning and afternoon on weekends and every morning on weekdays.

Location: The Animal Management Centre drop off facility is located at 393-425 Anzac Avenue, Drayton. 

Open hours: The drop off facility is open from 4.30pm to 9am Monday to Friday, and from 4.30pm Friday through to 9am Monday.

How to use the drop off facility

  1. Place the animal in a cage. Instructions on the use of the drop off cages are located at the facility.
  2. After placing the animal in the cage please call us on 131 872 and provide details in relation to the animal. We need to know:

    • Your name, address and contact details
    • Breed of the animal
    • Colour of the animal
    • Sex of animal
    • Relevant identification details such as collar, identification tags
    • Location where found
    • The personality of the animal (aggressive/passive)
    • Cage number the animal has been placed in.

If unable to bring the animal to the drop off facility, animals can still be delivered to a local vet, RSPCA or by private collection organised with us during office hours, from your address.

What is not appropriate for the facility?

  • Injured animals are not to be placed in the drop off cages. Instead, please call 131 872 and report the issue and an Animal Management officer will assess the situation and collect the animal.
  • The drop off facility is only open for dogs and cats. Wildlife is not to be placed in the facility. If you find wildlife call the appropriate wildlife carer.
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