Water restrictions from 18 Sep 2018 - Water restrictions apply to all Council water supply schemes:

Medium level (200 litres/person/day) - Brookstead, Cambooya, Cecil Plains, Clifton, Greenmount, Hodgson Vale (includes Top Camp), Pittsworth, Southbrook, Vale View & Yarraman schemes.

Continuation of permanent conservation measures (200 litres/person/day) - Toowoomba Bulk Water Supply Scheme (Oakey, Jondaryan, Haden, Crows Nest, Highfields, Kingsthorpe, Gowrie Junction, Meringandan, Toowoomba City, Westbrook and Goombungee)

New residents' guide

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Our region is a rich tapestry of ideas and values that stem from the Darling Downs’ proud history of friendly communities.  For those who have recently moved to the Toowoomba region or those preparing to move here, we have compiled a list of information to help you settle in and get the most out of our vibrant city and country lifestyle.   

About the Toowoomba region

Toowoomba has a population of about 105,000, is situated approximately 700 metres above sea level on the edge of the Great Dividing Range and located 127kms or a 90 minute drive west of Brisbane. Toowoomba Region includes not only the city of Toowoomba, but many surrounding country towns as well. For more information please use the Our towns webpage.

History of the Toowoomba region    

Toowoomba's history can be traced back to 1816 when English botanist and explorer Allan Cunningham arrived in Australia from Brazil, where he had been searching for native trees and plant life that would be suitable for the Australian climate. The Toowoomba region has had a vibrant and rich history with many notable historical areas and monuments paying tribute to this heritage. For more information on Toowoomba Region's history please visit Historic Toowoomba Region locations.

Community groups

To assist you get in contact with community groups of interest to you please visit My Community Directory. These links may include information not controlled by us.                                           

Contacting Council

You can contact us online, by phone, mail or email. We also offer a range of social media channels for you to connect with us. If you would like to visit in person, there are nine service centres in the region. For more information on how to get in contact please visit our Contact Council section.

Contacting Council

You can contact us online, by phone, mail or email. We also offer a range of social media channels for you to connect with us. If you would like to visit in person, there are nine service centres in the region. For more information on how to get in contact please visit our Contact Council section.


General rates are for services, facilities and activities that are supplied or undertaken for the benefit of the community. We are required to raise an appropriate amount of revenue to maintain assets and provide services to the region as a whole. People who own land in the Toowoomba Region pay Council rates twice a year. Read more...


Most of the roads throughout the region are owned and maintained by us. Exceptions to this include State and Federal highways. Roads can be sealed (bitumen or asphalt), unsealed (graded gravel or dirt) or unformed (rough tracks). Work on the network of roads is always being progressed and wherever possible we include notice of this in the 'Current roadworks' section of our website.

Water supply

Most houses in the region are connected to a Council provided water supply. Water rates and charges are paid twice a year. Pricing includes a fixed (or “connection charge”) and a usage charge. The connection charge applies to all properties that are eligible to be connected to the water network. The usage charge is based on the amount of water that is consumed. Read more...

Waste and recycling

Numerous areas around the Toowoomba region receive kerbside collections. Where this is available you will need to put your wheelie bins out on the kerb outside your property on the night before your designated pickup day. General waste (the same colour as the bin body or a red lid) is collected each week. Recycling (with a yellow lid) is collected every fortnight. An optional green waste service (bright green lid) is collected on the alternate week. There is even a service available for those that struggle to push the bin to the curb. For more information please visit our waste and recycling section.

Disability services

Our commitment to local people with a disability is to assist them by providing advice and recommendations relating to disability issues experienced by the community. For more information please visit our disability services section.

We are committed to ensuring the sustainable development of the region. The economic strength of the region, the health and welfare of its residents, and the state of the environment are directly linked to the transport system.                    


With such a pleasant climate for walking and cycling and beautiful scenery there are many reasons to leave the car at home and enjoy the fresh air in our region. For more information please visit our Cycling & walking section.


You are allowed to park on the side of many of our local roads where it is safe to do so. You are able to park in the driveway of a private property as long as you do not block a footpath or other access. You are typically not allowed to park on the nature or median** strips of the road.

** The nature strip or a road is the Council owned land located between the constructed road and private property. Median strips are the reserved area that separates opposing lanes of traffic on divided roadways.

Most of our town or city centres have designated parking areas. Where there are restrictions on where you can park these are indicated by signs on posts or signs or markings on the sealed road surface. Parking in contravention to parking restrictions will likely lead to a parking infringement issued by a Council Officer that usually includes a fine. We provide detailed maps for parking in Toowoomba City and information on relevant parking fees and payment options. For more information please visit Roads & parking.

Cars and other vehicles

Motor vehicles are required to be registered to travel on all Australian roads. This is overseen by the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Public transport

Bus services in the region are provided by the Queensland State Government Department of Transport and Main Roads or by private companies. Bus timetables and routes can be obtained by contacting the relevant provider of this service.

Taxi / cab services are proviced by private companies who offer services throughout most of the region. To use these services make contact with the relevant providers directly (or refer to a contact listing service such as YellowPages).

We subsidise a limited taxi service for seniors and people with a disability. Eligible users can travel from their home to their nearest major shopping centre one day a week. Read more...

The only passenger train or tram services in the region is provided by Queensland Rail's Westlander which travels from Brisbane to Charleville and back twice a week, stopping in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba Range traffic cameras

The Queensland government's Department of Transport & Main Roads provides a 60 second photo update on various locations on the Toowoomba Range. To access the footage please head to: Toowoomba range traffic cameras.

Keeping pets

Pets are an important part of the Toowoomba Region lifestyle. We provide advice to help you keep your dog and cats safe, steps to take if you lose your pet and information on barking dogs. For more information please visit our Pets section.

Building and development

Here we have compiled some useful information to keep in mind when undertaking building work. There can be great benefits to performing building work if the correct planning is in place from the outset of the project.  For more information please visit our Undertaking building work section. 

Our region is a rich tapestry of multicultural ideas and values that stem from the Darling Downs’ proud history of friendly communities.  We want to deliver services by focusing on access, equality, participation, planning and consultation to bring about positive outcomes.

Community groups

We aim to empower, engage and celebrate all community groups, please click on the following link for more information on community groups in the region.  For more information on what community groups are active in the region and how to get involved please visit Community support.

Local laws

You can find out about our local and subordinate local laws online. The Local Government Toolbox is a great resource to find out about legislation changes, permits, licence information and details on busking and activities on Council controlled road or land.

Snap, send, solve

Using your smartphone you are able to send a photo, map and description of any issue that requires action by council. Your request is sent from your phone via email and will be processed by Customer Service Officers.  This app is called Snap, send, solve and information about it can be found in the Requests via smartphone - snap send solve article.

Have your say

This site gives you the opportunity to provide your thoughts, feelings and ideas on a range of Toowoomba Regional Council projects and activities. To participate please visit our Community engagement website.

Community groups

To assist you, get in contact with community groups of interest to you please visit My Community Directory. These links may include information not controlled by council.                

Toowoomba has a myriad of facilities, attractions, events, and parks and gardens to enjoy.  Please see the below links for more information.

Events register

To find out what is happening in the region and details on how to attend events please visit our events register.  The events register is a community resource where anyone can submit an event and have it listed for the world to see. It is completely free. Events include education / awareness, exhibitions, festivals, markets, performance, show or field days, sports and Council events. 

Sport recreation

The Toowoomba region has a host of exciting facilities and recreational activities on offer for residents and visitors to enjoy.  For more information please visit our Sport & recreation page. 

Parks and gardens

Toowoomba is renowned for its gardens and parks, which play host to a variety of activities and facilities.  For more information please visit our Parks & gardens section.  

Council libraries

Toowoomba Region Library Service comprises 13 libraries across our region including a mobile library service. Your local library offers free access to books, magazines, movies, music, internet, eResources, online learning and more. Also on offer are a wide variety of free programs ranging across early childhood, community interest, education and much more. For more information please visit our Libraries section.

Theatres, galleries and museums

Toowoomba is home to a diverse range of facilities which play host to a variety of performances, exhibitions and events.  For more information please visit our Theatres and galleries section.

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