Bush walking & mountain bike trails

Park trail

Our region has many attractions that lends itself to bush walking and mountain biking. Council is committed to upgrading and renewing these trails as budget allows. In the 2018/19 financial year this will include...

Mount Peel bush walking and mountain bike trails

To supplement the ever-growing network of mountain bike trails and in recognition of the existing use and community development of Mount Peel Bushland Park as a MTB destination, plans are progressing to create purpose built recreation trails in the park. New trails and trail extensions to form circuits are incorporated in the design along with trails that connect to lookouts showcasing views of Toowoomba and beyond. Read more about the park.

The proposed trails will complement work that has been recently completed in the area.

Council has committed over $130,000 towards this project in the 2018/19 financial year.

Start date

Mountain bike trail works commence in July 2018.

Target completion date

Bush walking trail improvements were completed in April 2018.

Mountain bike trail works will conclude in 2019.

Other related work is tentatively being planned in Mount Peel park in future years - subject to available budget.


Jubilee Park mountain bike trails

Extending the amazing network of mountain bike trails in Jubilee continues with additional beginner trails planned for the 2018/19 financial year. Read more about Jubilee Park.


Redwood Park signage

Improved signage for bush walking in Redwood Park will help park visitors make the most of the natural beauty of the Great Dividing Range. Read more about Redwood Park.


Glen Lomond bush walking tracks

Building defined bush walking tracks to Hell Hole Creek will help make the most of this little-known gem. Read more about Glen Lomond Park.


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