Toowoomba escarpment parks upgrades

Women walking on park trail

The beauty of the Toowoomba Range is a natural advantage to our Region. With the assistance of $2.7 million from the Queensland Government through the Building our Regions program, we have allocated $2.17 million to the escarpment park upgrade project and Picnic Point Regional Park. The total project is expected to cost $7.4 million.

The escarpment trails are important natural assets and appropriate, unobtrusive upgrading or the establishment of new multi-use trails (for running, bike riding and horse riding) will expand recreation options for residents and visitors.

Upgrades to our Toowoomba escarpment parks aim to unlock the potential of nature-based, outdoor recreation facilities and increase sports tourism opportunities. The escarpment upgrade will consist of multiple projects that will occur across a three year design and construction timeframe.

Start date

July 2019.

Target completion date

June 2020.

Last Updated: Monday, 24 June 2019 14:13
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