Gowrie Creek trunk sewer

Men placing pipes in ground

This project is to replace approximately 2,400m of aged and deteriorating 675mm diameter trunk sewer in stages. The new sewer will be a larger diameter pipe from the Wetalla Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) to Griffiths Street. The sewer will be located adjacent to the existing sewer along the Gowrie Creek / Mort Street corridor. Construction will be in stages over a number of years, subject to annual budget allocation.

The new sewer will provide for future growth in the Toowoomba sewerage catchment as well a reduction in the risk of environmental harm from the failure of the existing aged sewer.

Work is located away from public areas and will in most cases not be visible to the public. Stakeholders will be notified of any interruptions as required.

Start date

Stage 1 construction is planned to commence late 2017.

Completion date

Stage 1 completion June 2018, weather permitting.


Stage 1 construction comprises a 850m section north of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing and northwards towards the Wetalla WRF. This stage incorporates a number of pipe bridges over dry waterways.


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