Landfill gas utilisation project

Landfill gas meeting

Council has recently investigated options to develop the landfill gas resource at Toowoomba Waste Management Facility (Bedford Street). 

Landfill gas utilisation solutions could potentially supply part of Council’s electricity or gas requirements.  The investigations identified multiple delivery options and pathways for which Council might develop the resource with two of the most suitable options being:

  • Production of electricity for use at the Wetalla treatment plant, or other Council facilities, or export into the electricity grid;  or
  • Production of compressed natural gas for use in Council fleet vehicles, or other Council facilities, or injection into a gas grid.

Council has entered into a contract with the Clean Energy Regulator following the latest Emissions Reduction Fund auction which will assist funding requirements for landfill gas management.

Project stages

Council plans to run a three phased process to enter into an arrangement which allows for maximum potential to utilise the landfill gas resource. 

  • Phase one - expression of interest;
  • Phase two - early respondent involvement; and
  • Phase three - formal commercial tender 

Details for the project tender can be accessed via LG tender box.

Objectives of the EOI to tender process:

  1. To receive submissions from potential commercial partners with whom Council may seek to develop commercial terms for one or more landfill gas utilisation projects; and
  2. To select one or more respondents to engage in Early Respondent Involvement discussions with Council with a view to further refining and developing potential landfill gas utilisation projects and developing an appropriate proposed form of tender (Early respondent involvement costs may be reimbursed); and
  3. To identify the type and form of potential landfill gas utilisation projects; and
  4. To identify and contract long-term project partner(s) who are knowledgeable, experienced, dynamic, responsive, innovative, responsible and aligned with Council’s objectives and values.

Related project

Council is also undertaking pre-feasibility investigations of potential waste to resource or energy use opportunities associated with waste services. These include opportunities to better utilise the energy value in green / timber waste collected at Council’s waste facilities.  

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