Water pipe being lowered into trench

The current water supply for Hodgson Vale is from five relatively shallow bores into basalt aquifers. Unfortunately water from the bores has high hardness, total dissolved solids and iron. This adversely impacts on the aesthetic quality of water from the bores. A compounding issue has been the reliability of the bores in terms of aquifer levels and safe extraction rates.

A study has been undertaken and the need for a new water source before 2021 has been identified. The study looked at many options for water quality improvements and long-term drinking water sources for the area.

The connection will be via a new trunk water main from Nelson Street (via West Street, Charker Street and Postle Street) to new reservoirs to be constructed near the intersection of Postle and Hayden streets. From the reservoirs, the trunk water main will extend along Postle St into and along Mt Rascal Rd and connect into the existing Hodgson Vale water network.

$2.8 million has been allocated for the design and construction of works to connect Hodgson Vale to the Toowoomba water supply.


In the 2017/18 financial year planning and preparation of tender documentation was completed.

Tenders for project work was invited in June 2018.


Target completion date

Scheduled for May 2019.