Kleinton waste transfer station

Man unloading greenwaste trailer

We are constructing a waste transfer station at Kleinton as the existing landfill waste facility has reached capacity. Landfill operations on site will cease and a new waste transfer station will be built on the existing landfill site. The existing landfill site will also be rehabilitated as part of the project. These rehabilitation works, which are a requirement under the existing environment authority for the site and not part of the development application, will be starting soon.

The current waste facility will continue to function while construction is underway, although there will be some temporary changes to traffic flow and there may be some temporary changes to operating hours, depending on construction requirements.

The design of the facility will be a smaller version of the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility on O'Mara Road. It will have a similar look and feel.

Waste transfer stations are a cleaner, neater and tidier waste solution. Waste is stored on pavement, and transported to landfill locations offsite, reducing the extent of odour, dust, and animal/rodent control required. Litter prevention controls are put in place to contain windblown litter from the facility and prevent it from entering drains. Transfer stations reduce the impacts to the community associated with landfill activity as well as ensuring environmental compliance.

We will keep stakeholders informed as the project advances.

Project stages

  • The design of the facility commenced late 2017.
  • The development application was lodged on 27 February 2019.
  • Landfill rehabilitation works (under existing environmental authority) are to commence soon.

Start date

To be confirmed.

Completion date

To be confirmed.

Last Updated: Friday, 08 March 2019 16:55
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